Strategies for Getting Started in Real Estate HTML version

Getting Stareted in Real Estate
Participate in online investment forums, chat groups, and bulletin
Read local and national news; pay attention to articles, events, and
the classifieds.
Pay attention to recommendations from people like John, above. Don’t
allow yourself to be misled!
There is a lot of information on the web these days and a lot of misinformation to
go along with it. You’re going to find yourself on the web looking for resources on
a daily basis, so let me give you a list that has taken me two years to research and
compile. Don’t let it overwhelm you. When you do go to the websites, check out
their recommended links and their resources links, and view the site map; these
are the most useful features of most websites.
Okay, here’s the list. Remember, you’ll be using this for research later; I am giving
it to you now so you won’t worry about where you will go when you’re done with
this report.
Internet Resources
There are no affiliate links in any of these—they are friends!
Search engine:
Second choice:
Third and final:
Top picks (totally useful all around resource) (a most solid directory of R.E. related information) Tom (another great starting off point to find what you need) Michael (a monstrous directory to get you going) Michael, again! (again, a huge directory to get you moving) Mike you rule (creative investment education and support) Scott