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Getting Stareted in Real Estate
All of the above people can be any of these: information resources, bounty
hunters, assistants, educators, specialists, net workers, referrals, facilitators,
strategists, tacticians, problem solvers, buyers, sellers, partners, friends, tenants.
Real estate is a people business. Start out on the right foot and acquire and
organize your network of professionals.
There are a few different ways to begin finding good service providers; one of the
best ways I know is to ask appraisers who they would recommend if they needed
certain things done themselves. Appraisers know value and they also know those
who do good work. Ask them for a referral and follow up on it. Be sure and
mention that “so and so” has sent you. This way, in a sense, you are getting a
somewhat personal introduction from someone they trust. The appraiser also gets
bonus points for turning them on to a new customer—you!
Here is another sweet deal: Look for air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical
service trucks parked along side streets in your own neighborhood. These are
where the blue-collar technicians live. Since you are their neighbor, you can begin
asking them if they do side jobs (most do) and when they do, they chop off all the
company overhead often resulting in discounts of 40 to 50 percent of what
normally would be charged if you went through the front office to schedule those
same services. If you have time, you might go here and read an article I wrote on
this to give you a little more understanding on this:
Nobody seems to have enough! At least in the beginning anyway, there are so
many ways to get the money that this little report could turn into a book the size
of a New York phone directory if we explored all the potentials. Just remember
this: When you find property that is being sold far below its true market value and
you can present a solid plan for getting its full market value, people who have
money sitting in banks and dead equity in their houses (home equity loans) that
could be generating returns of 10 to 15 percent if they loaned it to you instead, will
listen to what you have to say. You must present the plan and it has to make