Story of a Bird HTML version

It passed some few good days and that unfortunate day has come, I put her in the bean
plant and went to collage, after returning I took my lunch and took some nap. After
few hours I came outside and looked for her in the plant could not found her. I went to
roof and search for her rigorously but didn’t find her. My suspect went to Tiger because
he was never napping silently before. I come down, looked around, and found her
lying lifeless some distance far from Tiger. It was unexpected end of her life that I had
not imagined even in dream. I was socked I told everyone in my house, everyone was
socked none was expecting this. I don’t want to believe on my eyes but I had to. I took
her dead body, went to Guava orchard, and buried her there. I came back to house and
saw Tiger was still sleeping, it seems he had won a war. I thought he did not want to
split his love to other.
I never forgot that memorable moment spent with that beloved bird.