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Stop Headache Pressure Point Program
The acupressure, self-massage, breathing and other techniques in this 20-30 minute program are
easy to learn and simple to do. The program stops headache due to such factors as colds, over-
fatigue, nervousness, hypertension, menstruation and menopause. Regular practice will help
prevent further headaches too. As soon as you feel you're getting a headache start doing the
program. For headache prevention do the program once a day – in the morning is probably best,
especially if you usually get headaches throughout the day. You could also do the program at
night before bed.
Points to note before you start
1. Each exercise and technique in the program is shown in a separate video clip to minimize
download time for people without high-speed Internet. Links to the videos are included below in
the notes for each exercise. To also minimize download time each clip has been kept as short as
possible, but long enough for you to clearly see how to do the exercises and techniques, e.g. you'll
see 3 full repetitions of a technique, not all 10 or 15. The written notes give you complete step by
step instructions, including how many reps/sets you should do, and lists of benefits and tips for
each exercise and technique.
2. Important: This program is NOT intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnoses
or treatment. You should consult a health professional before starting or changing any exercise
or dietary program, particularly if you're in poor health and/or haven't exercised for some time.
3. If you have any questions or concerns please submit them via the contact form on the
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