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Many people call Dale a serial entrepreneur. After doing the long distance dating thing for a
year, we were married in October and I was laid off in April. Thankfully, Dale and I had
worked together on several other business projects even before we were married.
Intoday’s economy, to not have a financial plan B makes no sense to me. My husband
teaches that people are in one of six financial states.
I hope that as you are reading this you have not fallen into a state of Lack or Desperation.
Most people live their lives in a state of mediocrity. They know they have the potential to do
more, be more, have more, help other people more, but they get bogged down by the
demands of life.
Theyaretoobusybuildingsomeoneelse’sdreamtolivetheirown They are too busy making
a living to make any money and create financial stability.
Helen Keller said, “Hellstarts when the person you are, meets the person you could have
become” Why am I sharing this philosophy with you?
I understand that you are reading this report to learn how your family can receive free
groceries and gasolineThatpartisa“nobrainer”I know that if over the next few pages I
can effectively communicate this process, that virtually everyone reading my words right now
will be receiving free groceries in a short period of time. That means you!
Thousands of everyday people across the United States and Canada have already taken
advantage of what I am going to share with you. So I am excited for you! I just ask that you
stay with me, and read every sentence carefully, and I am going to do my best to share with
you this awesome blessing.
I know that there will be several experienced, business minded people who will read this
report. Maybe a friend, business associate or relative passed this report on to you. So if you