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Stepping out, Essays on Vienamese Poetry

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Published: 4 years ago

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When we speak of Việtnamese poetry, we are speaking of the larger category of Việtnamese literature as well, since up until the invention of the Quốc Ngữ (Romanized National Script), Việtnamese literature has been primarily poetic, absent of novels and essays. ... But poetry as a mechanism for change historically has been subjected to the whims of political power, tracing back a thousand years. Changes in government, the written script and other historical changes have also affected the evolution of Việtnamese poetry. As such, we must study Việtnamese poetry from many different angles: the linguistic, historical and cultural influences of foreign civilizations such as China and the West, in order to understand the change and continuity in Việtnamese poetry typical of Việtna...


Khe Iem

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