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How To Use This Handbook
Congratulations to you for downloading this handbook! I believe you’re going
to love it. As you are reading it, you’ll get excited about many ideas that will get
your creative juices flowing. Not only will you get ideas, you’ll also get a choice
of online tools and methods through which you can offer those ideas…to others
who really want them!
This handbook is going to save you hours of confusing research. It isn’t intended
to be a technical manual, but it will give you an overview of primary online
business methods and tools. I recommend reading this handbook straight
through since much of it builds on the previous section.
My name is Darren Talley I’m known as “The Straightforward Marketer.” I
constantly review products and tell it like it is. I share the good and the bad with
exclusive email subscribers like you. Great marketers don’t try to do business on
the cheap. They take time to invest in themselves and their business.
Why is the handbook free? It’s a great introductory learning tool. While reading
it, I believe you’ll see the quality of my work and trust me when I send you
future emails with free tips and great products that serve you.
I absolutely hate seeing “newbies” getting ripped off! There are scores of so-
called experts who make outrageous claims of “making millions” or “instant
sales in 10 minutes.” They sell this garbage to honest people who are trying to
start an online business.