Star Trek: The Seventh House HTML version

allow the bulkiest part of the ship to settle down and still lower the aft ramp. The nose of
the bird of prey stuck out over the building, looking down over the landscape, appearing
exactly like its name sake suggested, a ‘bird of prey’ surveying the terrain.
“Incoming call from the PF,” the Pa Nun’s communication officer, Hout,
Glor pointed at the overhead speaker. Hout immediately opened a channel. “This
is Captain Garcia,” the voice sounded hollow on the old speakers, with a slight
reverberation as if he were speaking from an auditorium. “Captain Glor, declare your
intentions.” It didn’t need a ‘please.’ Glor was Klingon.
“You hired me to investigate. I’m investigating,” Glor said.
“I hired you to do aerial surveillance because optical sensors are being blocked,”
Garcia said. “I specifically asked you not to land until we had more information.”
“And I have more information,” Glor said. “We are now proceeding with a
ground investigation. Your Away Team and mine are going scouting. It’s what scout
ships do.”
“Number One?” Garcia asked.
“Captain,” Kitara said, the tone suggested she was listening but also that she was
determined to follow through with this course of action.
“Make sure each team has a full compliment of recommended gear,” Garcia said,
breaking the uncomfortable silence that followed Kitara’s one word.
“We’re Klingons,” Kitara reminded him, unconsciously patting her side arm.
“We’re always packing. Alpha team, prepare to move out.”
The teams descended down the ramp, two by two. The first group carried phaser
rifles at ready to quickly secure the rooftop, spreading out as the others came down the
ramp behind them. Each rifle had a tricorder locked to the side of the weapon, open and
activated so that the user could read information while simultaneously staying at full
ready. Lt. Kletsova led the second group and brought her tricorder out to bear as soon as
she stepped off the ramp. In her other hand was a type two phaser set for stun. She carried
a rifle by a strap, slung to her back, and a Gorn projectile weapon holstered against her
hip, strapped to the thigh. The ammo cartridges on her belt looked out of place on her
uniform. Her Uniform was a hybrid of Fleet and Klingon styles, holding a metallic silver
gleam with red highlights. The “armor-lite” that she wore was definitely a derivative of
Klingon design, only more shiny and high tech.
“Still no life signs,” Kletsova said.
Captain Garcia, Lt. Commander Undine, and the Path Finder’s computer
holographic interface “Losira” stood next to the “Game Table” in the War-room, just
below the Bridge of the USS Path Finder. A graphic representation of the terrain was
visible on the table top, along with various other details. For Garcia’s convenience, his
Away Team was represented by green dots enabled by identifier tags, while Glor’s crew
was represented by blue dots. They heard Glor order his team to split up, and watched as
they descended down the stairwells on either side of the building.
“I recommend teams travel in threes,” Garcia said.
“We can cover more ground in twos,” Kitara answered, her voice vibrant from the
Game Table’s speakers.
Glor’s warriors had already begun their descent down into the building and were
not likely to regroup. Kitara nodded to her group, and they fell into threes. She surveyed