Star Trek: The Seventh House HTML version

The IKS Pa Nun hovered fifty meters above the ground, nose down, facing what
appeared to be an abandoned Federation Star-base. There was a twelve story tall, central
building amidst a cluster of smaller structures that served as housing for the first settlers.
No settlers or pets were to be seen. The only activity was the wind stirring debris; paper,
a curtain dangling on the wrong side of a window, and a door that swung on its hinges
that wanted to stay closed and would almost reach its desired position when the wind
On the Bridge of the B’rel class starship, a bird of prey old enough to have been
in service of the Empire during Kirk’s days, the crew were busy at their tasks while the
‘guests” observed. The ship belonged to HoD Glor, an old mercenary who had bought the
ship looking for fortune and glory and was now getting all of his adventures bought and
paid for by Tammas Parkin Arblaster-Garcia, officially the Captain of the Starship New
Constitution, the first Federation/Klingon jointly commissioned ship. Unofficially, he
was also the Captain of The Path Finder which was in orbit, watching the reconnaissance
operation with sensors only. Due to the cloud cover, it was impossible to get real time
visual images with the PF’s tech. Instead, they relied on telemetry from the Pa Nun, and
the map painted by their short range scans.
“Still no signs of humanoid life,” Pa Nun officer, N’elent, announced. “There’s no
one here.”
“Maybe the Preserver Gods abducted the colonists,” Glor theorized, looking to
one of his guests for confirmation.
“Possibly. The last message to Starfleet was that a colonist found Preserver
technology,” Lt. Commander Kitara said. She was one of the ‘guests,’ and Garcia’s
Official and Unofficial First Officer. “They were not specific as to what sort of
technology they found. If the scanners are not picking up any evidence of biological
pathogens, my Away team and I will proceed with a ground investigation.”
“Captain Garcia specifically ordered us not to land,” Glor said.
N’elent made a sound of disgust. “You know how he likes to hog all the glory.”
“I do,” Glor said, laughing. “But this time, I think he is just being overly
Kitara scowled at Glor as he patted her stomach. Pregnancy was one of the few
opportunity a male could pat a female unsolicited, as it was considered a blessing on the
child. Her condition, unlike N’elent’s, was not so obvious, but it was well known
amongst the crew, due to the higher than normal level of gossip that seemed to follow
Garcia and the people in his entourage, that she was indeed carrying a Garcia child. And
since she was not the only female on board carrying a Garcia child, there was no end to
gossip. She ignored the playful taunt from the ‘old man’ and pointed at the central
building. “Think you can land us on top of that platform?”
“N’elent?” Glor asked, bemused.
N’elent gave Kitara her best stern face for even asking the question. “Aye,”
N’elent said.
The Pa Nun eased forward, turned into the wind ever so slightly, and descended
towards the building. The wings swept back into their landing configuration and landing
gear emerged from the main fuselage. There was just enough room on the building top to