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The Seventh House
“The Seventh House” edition 1, 2008
Copyright 2008
All Rights Reserved.
This book is not available for sale. It is, however, available for free. Licensing for this is pending
and can only be considered fan fiction at this time. The author agrees to share this edition for
editing purposes with the understanding that Paramount, the official owners of Star Trek related
products may revoke the sharing privilege. Comments and corrections can be directed to the
author for story refinement. The author has deeply appreciated the amount of support, wishes for
success, and the request for more stories! If you would like to contact Simon and Schuster to
share your opinion with them, perhaps they, too, will eventually get around to actually reading
and responding to my agent’s correspondence. If you bought this, or any of the other four, you
paid too much.
Simon and Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
Author contact info:
John Erik Ege
This story is the fifth in a series. Book One “A Touch of Greatness,” book two “Another Piece of
the Action,” book three “Both Hands Full,” and book four, “Necessary Evil” are available at free- or can be attained in PDF format from the author. (Put Trek in the subject line so the
author can readily distinguish from the non-emails.) I expect there will be a sixth book, and
hopefully this series will continue to grow in popularity, by word of mouth, and perhaps Simon
and Schuster, or Paramount themselves, will finally get around to endorsing it.
Dedicated to Mrs. Rodenberry. Feb 23rd, 1932 to Dec. 18th, 2008 All my love to her
friends and family!