Star Trek: A Touch of Greatness


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Nearly a hundred years after Kirk prevented the Kelvan from stealing the Enterprise, they've returned to their original mission of conquering the Milky Way Galaxy. The story follows a unique character, who seems to be a part of everyone and everything in the universe.

Himanshu S.

This book will not disappoint even the hard core Star Trek fans. Yet, I think this book, like its character, flys off lot of tangents and leaves lots of unfinished stories. I am sure I will be reading all the books in the series!

Mae Perz

was a good book

Jim Verdugo

I already knew almost all of the characters and being a trekkie, I felt like I was watching as it were, the real thing. I don't normally read star trek novels so it had to be good for me to read it all, and it was.JL

Mary Peterson

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read the sequel. The story line is rivoting and the charactors are so true to the Star Trek life. I loved it.

Justin Thomas

This is a very good book in my opinion. I've started on the second book of the series "Another Piece of The Action" and expect to enjoy it as well.

Paul R Starner-Tate

Unfortunately I downloaded the book from another site and paid for it- the premise is intriguing, but the one thing I have to say- like so many books (E- or otherwise) these days, the editing is quite haphazard with glaring discrepancies in the grammar, spelling, and syntax. I grew up reading sci-0fi of all kinds and was always intrigued at home correct these things always were- and am disappointed that this seems to have gone by the wayside. I also see a second and fourth part of this series, but not a third or fifth. Can anyone help me there? Part two is the follow-up that never happened, but it seems that there was an "official" novel that did deal with the Iotians at some point. The other thing is the format that I got from the other site- with these musical notes with arrows next ti them which my Nook can't do anything with.Also, the page setup is off, and nothing I can do allows me to make the text fill the page- and there are many places where a sentence skips to the next line for no apparent reason. I may download the "free" version just to see the difference.

shipra jain

loved all four books.


Im a star trek books collector and this is a great addition! Hope to read more and more!!!

joseph shreve

this book is linear with the tos-tng series evolution.


Dear John Ege: Not since reading Vince Flynn and Brad Thor novels have I come across a series of books that I hate to put down (have to work to pay the bills)! I started with book three and I am now just finishing book one! I am looking forward to reading the other two and any future novels! Congrats on such great writing. A Canadian fan, Trish ProulxVancouver, BC Canada

Kris DIrkman

It is a good read, hard to put down at times. There are some editing issues, but nothing too big.


why even bother reading this comment? Read the book! I am looking forward for more of this..storyline and character are very strong..

graham ashton

I did like this story


Could use a good editor, but it's all there. Should be submitted (after editing) to official ST book publisher.


Great story! I couldn't stop reading it.

Steven Mansey

Good overall, but toooooo wordy in places, and sometimes the plot is not all that clear 'till you have re-read a couple of pages at times. Will read the rest of the series though!


Excellent book. The story was wonderful in blending most of our favorite characters into the life of Tam. I must be reading an earlier version because the spelling and grammar is poor. But, the story is great and I have a hard time putting it down. Keep them coming!


DAMN cant wait for the 5th installment...!! Kept me at the edge of my seat

Mark Keith

Outstanding !! I convert it to mp3 and listen to it on my 80 mile round trip

Shane Muhwezi

I've never been a follower of Star Trek but the Garcia Series makes me want to learn. From Book one to four, I've been spellbound. Can't wait for 5


Excellent book, I do not read a lot but I have read all 4 book since the beginning of the year. Keep writing I look forward to more books.


I love this! The tour back through memorable past episodes, the excellent writing talent, the action, the structure of the action is all easy to read and very true to the genre. As a child in the 60s, I used to sneak downstairs and watch Star Trek from behind the sofa while Mom and Dad watched it, and I've been a trekkie ever since, so this delightful buffet table of characters and episodes is most welcome. I rated it 5.

Steve B

Thought the book was very good.... could hardly put it down. Liked the way it inter wove different characters at the different stages of their lives and careers.. thanks for a great read - Steve


I wanted to thank everyone who has read and contributed constructive criticism on this work. The help improving the story line by assisting me with dates and time line issues was priceless. Helping me correct the grammatical errors was also greatly appreciated. Any who would like the latest edition, with the least amount of errors, feel free to email me. Some of the corrections to the time-line may drastically change certain parts of the story, which is acceptable seeing how i want to maintain continuity with episodes as much as possible. As a whole, I'm still happy with this story line, and so I am still in the process of tweaking it, while staying consistent with the current story. For those of you who are more versed in actual "Trek" history than I, please be patient with me. I'm only an egg. :) So far, everyone is consistent with the response that each consecutive book is better than the previous. Book four is now available. School and work permitting, and with the help of a few of my acting editor friends, book five will hopefully be available soon, as well. Again, thank you!Humbly yours,john erik ege


John Erik Ege

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