Standing in the Storms of Life HTML version

Church, tonight if it's in your heart, if you felt challenged and inspired to say: God, I want to make my life available.
Lord, I want to commit myself to pray, and to start to reach out in a way I ha ven't done before. If that's you, would you
make your way to the front. I want to get these evangelists to lay hands on you, and to believe for an impartation to
increase your faith tonight.
Father, we pray for each person responding today. Father, let the power of the Holy Ghost come upon them. Let
there be an impartation of faith and boldness in evangelism. We call for divine encounters; we call for divine
opportunities; and we pray miracles to be released in Jesus' Mighty name.
1. Introduction
· 1 Cor.10:13 “No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man, but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what
you able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape that you may be able to bear it”.
· T emptation = NT 3986= to put to proof, to put to the test.
· Every person faces pressures and diffi culties in life – storms can come unexpectedly.
· Storms = Financial, physical health, marriage, family, relationships, work, ministry.
· God Promises (i) You are not the only one facing this
(ii) God is faithful – never leav e – always help
(iii) You are up to the challenge (ev en if you think you are not)
(iv) God has a way to walk through the storm and grow
2. Confronting Your Storms
(a) Mark 4:35-41 T he Great Storm
(b) “Let us crossover to the other side” v35
· Jesus’ purpose and priority is clear – seek and save lost people.
· God always wants to reach people with the gospel.
· “Crossover” = leave your comfort zone to expand the Kingdom.
= Jesus’ mandate/direction to the harvest field.
· “Left the Multitude” = Left the place of success and achievement.
= Left the comfort of the crowd to pursue Father’s priority.
= Always costs something to focus on the harvest.
(c) A Great Wind Storm Arose (v37)
· “Storm” = NT2978= black thunder clouds, strong gusts of wind, torrents of rain.
· “Great” = NT3173= Mega – very big.
· Wind and rain beat upon the boat – all in imminent danger - sinking.
(d) 4 Different Kinds of Storms
(i) Storm of own Making
· You are reaping the consequ ences of actions or inactivity.
· Every person is responsible for choices and decisions.
· Every person experiences consequen ces o f choices and decisions.
· Key Question – What has been my contribution to this storm?
· Key Response –
(ii) God Directed Storm
· T here is a need for chang e and only a storm brings you to recognise this.
· E.g. Jonah 1:4 “The Lord sent a great wind into the sea”.
· T he storm is intended to bring you to a place of surrend er/alignment.
· E.g. Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mt.26:37-41)
· Key Question – What is God trying to say to me?
· Key Response – Surrender – yield to the Lord.
(iii) Natural Storms of Life
· Not personal failure, Not God, Not the Devil – consequence o f being in a fallen world.
· Pressures come in our life – recession, job loss, conflicts, set-backs.
· E.g. Joseph – Heb. 6:12 Faith and patience – Heb. 10:36 Need of patience.
· Key Question - How should I respond?
· Key Response - Release grace not judgement – overcome evil with good.
(iv) Demonic Opposition
· T his is a spiritual reality – active evil spirits set on destroying us.
· Evil spirits arise against us fulfilling God’s purpose and plan.
· E.g. Jesus faced the storm (circumstances ) and discouraged men (peopl e).
· Key Question – What is the source of this storm?
· Key Response – Exercise governing authority – speak the word of God.