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Stalking the Average Man:
Fulfilling Prophecy
Copyright © 2014 John Axelson
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Cover by Geri Nolan Hilfiker.
This work would not have been possible without the forty- four years of overt friendship and
surreptitious guardianship of Ed Koenig. It is dedicated to a masterful teacher, Jeanette Morrow,
the loving memories of Eric and Mary Lee Axelson, Paul and Elizabeth Koenig, and Michael
Monty, each of whom left this place better off than they found it. Special thanks to Britta Young,
Brenda MacPherson, and Lia Avalos for their support, Geri Nolan Hilfiker for reasons contained
in this work. Also my appreciation to cameramen Robert Whyte, David Wilson, Sean Bobbitt,
for their expertise, and Manny Alvarez—a multi-beer stranger whose insights and actions
probably saved my life a couple of times. You can decide.
Bases on a True Story:
The following events originally occurred within a non- linear teaching scheme designed to
fo rce me to reorganize my lessons before I could claim their content as my own knowledge.
Presenting my results in a coherent chronology required that I also provide fly-on-wall notes,
based on what my teacher must have known to administer a given lesson at a particular time.