Stalking the Average Man HTML version

-You didn‘t mention his name, food, or education, and that sounds like penance to me.
Diego is lucky to be standing in the way of your self-pity, | she tittered annoyingly.
-You‘re missing the essence of my act, which is what I stated without spin, | I countered
Patting my knee, Bonnie said, -I also told you that grammar is an event. | Leaving Diego
behind, Bonnie said, -You gave away that you were gutted by disappointment when the world
didn't rush to your rescue. You thought, 'Good Guys Unjustly Detained,‘ | Bonnie announced the
headline we never saw, -would have created pressure for your release. When that didn't happen,
you dressed yourself in apathy to disguise your outrage, because nothing painful can happen
when you're indifferent. Of course, | she cocked her head, -nothing good can happen, either. |
-I didn't know enough about your world to run and hide in there. |
Bonnie looked away. Inhaling deeply, with a cheerless grin she said, -It's the one place you
can't hide, because its underlying assumptions strip your descriptions of events to their core. |
-You might as well have said that in Urdu. |
-You know what I mean—you‘ve been there with me—but you‘re too pissed to focus so
I‘ll spell it out. Anonymous strangers made a business decision that had such an encompassing
negative impact on your ego that you can't imagine a wise person positively influencing large
events. This is in spite… |
-You said changing the world, not large events. |
-… in spite of history showing us that it is the individual who changes the course of
history. |
-What has that got to do with my view of metaphysics? |
-It has everything to do with one belief infecting another. Let me finish: the CBC put out
every effort to help you, didn‘t they? |
-As far as I know. |
-That seems not to matter to you. |
-It‘s not something I experienced directly. |
-Which matters how? |
-It… hmm. |
-Good, | Bonnie said, patting my knee again. -So here is a remedy for your disappointment
about Argentina: the media can‘t pretend to be a defender of the public‘s interest then throw even
one of you away, because the backbone of any cause is the individual. It follows that the whole
can only be better off if its parts are better off. Like you, the networks didn‘t understand that the
greater good has nothing to do with numbers. It‘s about principles of responsibility, about
energy: individuals change the world by tapping into an underlying momentum that‘s waiting for
a push. | She closed her eyes. -You have attached your crappy view of the greater good to all
concepts of it, and metaphysics is squarely in your sights because you don‘t understand it. | She
opened her eyes and looked at me sternly. | It‘s time to deal with your other illusions about the
media, so you can begin to disentangle the beliefs you‘ve unwittingly embraced because of a few
key events. |
-There‘s an equivalent in your book – more than minstrels‘ stories? |
-There is. |
-Go ahead. |
-Do reporters risk themselves to say, =War isn't a good thing, but it‘s sometimes necessary
so we‘re going to focus on our brave boys doing their duty safeguarding our country?‘ |
-There's always an issue of focus, balance, and interpretation. |