Stalking the Average Man HTML version

- popularity not designated - and a crumpled document emblazoned with all of their official
stamps. Technically, I was ready to deal with anyone I met. Practically, I was too overburdened
to run from any of them.
Wizichinski honked the horn.
I couldn’t leave because my passport was in the hotel safe.
Ski said I was safe; my passport was always with me.
The carousel melted into a brook—the babbling was soothing.
I stepped into the clear water. It was over my head.
Gulping breaths awakened me in the reaper‘s favorite hour, again around four a.m.
Chapter 8
Uninforme d Consent
Toying with another thin envelope, Bonnie began our next meeting at Nolan‘s by criticizing
junk mail, primed by her son jokingly asking her to pick up his free gift on the way home.
-Placing a monetary value on a gift implies an expectation of reciprocity, | she said
distastefully, -notwithstanding the redundancy of free and gift. |
-Greed drains the brain, | I said, with a nod toward the pages she was idly tapping.
-Intelligence has little to do with it, | she said, ignoring my gesture. -If companies can tease us
into thinking we‘re taking advantage of them, or pick our pockets by pandering to our fears of
having less in some way, we‘re at their mercy. And we both know they don‘t have any. |
-MacDonald‘s and Mattel are secretly taking over the world? |
-I‘m serious. If we spend money on things we don‘t need, we risk displacing a responsibility. |
-We pay for gratification all of the time. It‘s built into the cost of a free society. |
-Excellent. | Bonnie opened the envelope and fanned the pages. -Our merchants understood
how to manipulate semantics and nuance to sta lk students into discovering their own detrimental
assumptions. From here, they could embrace new understandings that inspire the imagination to go
outside of their experiences, and claim knowledge of entire concepts. |
-Meaning they don‘t really understand them? | Like me, in that moment.
-To claim knowledge in this context is to understand the entire spectrum of cause and effect in
a particular arena. It‘s a mental hologram within which you can instantly reference any point to
every point, because you understand the role of each and its influence on the whole. |
-Duane Allman could play guitar like that. |
-Like what? |
-Roam the fret board: he could take you to undefined places - without drugs, | I added, but not
-Good, so you do understand. Now imagine our social indoctrination in terms of political
parties and corporations roaming their threat boards to create public assumptions that obscure the
fact that they‘re plucking our strings. |
-I get your point, but a free gift is an outright lie; everyone knows you have to buy
something. |
-And they do because the indoctrination has become an insidious influence. |
-How is a free side of fries insidious? |
-I know you‘re capable of deeper thought. |
-I don‘t want to use it all up this morning. | I nodded at the envelope. -I might need some for
that. |