Stalking the Average Man HTML version

physical powerhouse chased her fear away, and envy quieted her sister until the drummer’s
brothers crooned, -Ohh ha ohh. |
Their cousin blended a feathering, -Ahhh–ohh-ayyoh, | while his pixie-like sister overdubbed,
-Ayya-yaa, aay-yaa, | a cappella, surrounding the children with a haunting prelude to an abruptly
jaunty tale about fishing off the Grand Banks.
As a hundred tons of technology twisted through the unfriendly skies, I found myself chuckling
at the irony of the Newfoundlanders restoring peace to the passengers who didn’t know how many
men had died there.
That‘s what woke me up just after four a.m. – chuckling at the irony.
Chapter 7
Short of breath, Bonnie came into Nolan‘s two minutes late, according to the Coca Cola
wall clock. Before the door had finished closing, she said, -A newspaper page caught on my
wiper. |
-Shit, were you hurt? | I said from our window booth.
-Let me finish, | she said, sliding into the seat across from me. -When I pulled over to take
it off, I saw a picture of crumpled cars beside a story about insurance rates. Naturally, | she said
with a huff, putting her carryall and jacket next to the wall, -I had to find a place to park and
walk here. |
-Naturally. | I nodded at the manila envelope sticking out of her cloth bag. -What puzzle
have you got for me today? |
Finding nothing in my tone or expression that I could be convicted of, Bonnie opened the
envelope; handing me the pages she mouthed, -Latté, please, | toward Bréta, when she turned to
face our table. Then back to me, -There are two scenes. The first is the opening to my screenplay
so far, and the second is a continuation of the last scene you read. They don‘t appear back to
back. |
-Got it. |
View of the galaxy with thousands of points of light, as seen from a distance that
only hints from its size that our planetary system is minutely present in quadrant D–
lower right. Swirling energies of all colors and consistency cross the screen. Some
are cloud-like, others like gentle mists of rain. In their apparently random
movements there exists a complex order of motion. The largest cloud swirls to the
center occupying one-half of the screen.
Far away and lilting, the esoteric quality of a large choir is joyfully eerie, but calming.
(All happens in C-2, the circular middle third of the screen)
The center cloud forms into a pink rose then, petal by petal, they slowly open like a
lens aperture to reach out and transparently fill the full screen. C3 (circular center
third screen) is the highest density of color. From C3, a bubble of translucent bluish
light forms.