Stalking the Average Man HTML version

-The medic didn't bother to wash me after I had been drenched in salt water. I shook for
hours, was itchy all over for days, and any voluntary movement I could make, which wasn't
much because I was one big charley-horse, registered like a hammer. I‘ve never hurt like that. A
pill would‘ve been nice. A pillow over my face would‘ve been better. Anyway, I asked to be
compensated for a broken watch, and they said it wasn't required for the job, and they refused. |
-Thereby failing to acknowledge your suffering, | Phillip said. -Less dangerous events
followed, and at levels of awareness unencumbered by self- involvement you knew that the Navy
had served its purpose and you requested and received an early release. |
I hadn't thought of it that way, but it fit.
-Now, | the Philip persona said, with emphasis, -other miracles also took place. Your
shipmate escaped unscathed, because his purpose was to ensure you would be found. There was
also a disruption to your energy field. This offered us the opportunity to insert a pulse of energy,
which we subsequently used to educate you about the dangers that lay ahead. This type of event
occurs when there is an agreement between the individual and their Source, for it creates a point
of change in their evolutionary momentum. There are many stories of individuals becoming
psychically aware through apparently accidental means. |
-Why use a monster wave when a brick to the head would have done it, and left the rest of
me alone? | I said.
-We did not choose to be on that deck. |
-From what Bonnie has explained to me about your abilities, you must have known it was
coming—you used it for your own purposes, instead of influencing things so that I wouldn‘t
have been there. |
-Were we so arrogant as to interfere with the essence of personal evolution, neglect our
responsibilities, or so cruel as to punish ignorance, you would not have survived many incidents.
Yet you are still here, all be it little wiser for your experiences, but that too will change. |
(book) It would take me twenty-two years to complete Volume 1.
Chapter 37
Life Strategy
Feeling combatant, I said, -I had an allergic reaction to a cat that drove me from a building
into incoming shelling, and I‘ve been saturated, dehydrated, and frozen. Am I missing any more
signs of Intent? |
-You chose your own path. View your experiences in this way, and you'll find purpose
unfolding with the dawn of each day. |
see what was so great about tearing my elbow to the bone, cracking three ribs, fracturing my
skull, and turning eighty-percent of my body the color of ochre and plums. |
-In the grander scheme of things there are no accidents; we are Phillip. |
Bonnie‘s voice had changed to a masculine timbre, but not as deep as the Kha- lib persona.
-Cool, hi. What about accidents? |
-In part, you chose this adventure in treacherous waters to experience the inept casualness
with which the bridge officers would treat your life. Did you not feel this way? |
-The thought occurred to me while I was congealing on deck like a Popsicle. |
-You were also less enthusiastic about pursuing that career, because you received what you
believed to be indifferent medical treatment, and no special considerations afterwards. Is this not
so? |