Stalking the Average Man HTML version

Chapter 36
Designs of Intent
Bonnie gathered her thoughts before offering me an overview of a Universal presence in our
world, which she had discovered in the books Kha- lib had suggested I read. She said that from
the First World War to the end of the second, Edgar Cayce introduced western cultures to the
concept of channeling. From the early 1960's through the mid 1980's, Jane Roberts further
established the Universe's intentions and teaching bona fides through her Seth channels. At the
same time, Lynn V. Andrews and Carlos Castaneda were chronicling the dexterity of human
consciousness, in separate apprenticeships from the male and female perspectives.
-In our time, | Bonnie said, -there are growing waves of artists, writers, environmentalists,
and healers moving away from traditional practices to form a bigger picture of a Universal
influence underway. Their role is to contribute to the collective unconscious and add momentum
to changing our world. |
-Do you mean without knowing Spirit directly, like ordinary people in your book represent
our audience? | I said.
-Yes. Not everyone has access to a teaching entity, | she explained, -but they can attract
one by making a conscious and consistent effort to do the right thing. To that end, Carlos
recorded how don Juan said Spirit makes its presence known, so people can recognize the
contact if it happens. |
-So your audience can participate… good idea. How do they do that? | I dutifully asked.
-Spirit reveals itself to prospective students through coincidences and omens that don Juan
called The Manifestation of Spirit. The average person ignores these because their normal state
of mental tension has anaesthetized them to the magic of their existence. The next step is called
The Knock of Spirit, which is essentially the same as a manifestation, but by virtue of a teacher
witnessing it, they properly interpret the event as the Universe designating a new student. |
-The person doesn't know? | I said.
-Not a clue, | Bonnie said good-naturedly. -Spirit next resorts to trickery by arranging
unusual events, or manipulating a person's awareness to bring the inexplicable into their field of
vision. | Rocking forward, she perched on her toes. -Trickery frees a person's attention from their
compacted world view. However, personal fears and the elastics of social conditioning cause
them to ignore, or reason the experience away. | Bonnie released her toehold and rocked back.
-They think the less-doubtful existence of an unseen force wouldn‘t have practical value, and
telling anyone about the event would only label them. |
-Like you‘ve proven—intentionally? |
-Being labeled for my beliefs and abilities wasn‘t a choice. The teacher participates at this
point, | she continued her explanation, -so that the prospect knows they‘re not alone. | She rocked
back and forth then stopped. -The final stage is an irrevocable act called The Descent of the
Spirit. This event shatters the individual's view of reality in some way, because they can only
attribute it to the direct intervention of an abstract force. So! | she said loudly. -Let‘s start our
search for Intent in your life, with your dabbling in the mystical realm. I know you‘ve done this. |
Playing her game as best I could, I said, -I had two psychic readings, twenty-one years
apart. When I was a technical producer for a radio talk show, a guest speaker offered me
information during a commercial break, and he finished his thoughts on air before taking more
calls. The second was at a psychic fair; he said I would be leaving radio for television, but I
wouldn't end up there, and I would write a book when I was forty-two years old. | Anticipating