Stalking the Average Man HTML version

gaining knowledge. I am a dreamer by nature. We‘ll come back to this; sufficient to say that one
is not better than the other. Fair? |
-Go ahead. |
-With lifetimes of gathering energy, the earth-bound spirit can be aligned with spiritual
Intent, and when that integration takes place you have become all that you can be in the human
form. So if my characters become a unified force, and the momentum they align themselves with
is unstoppable, what do you think they could do with their power? |
-Not a trick question? |
-No. |
-Anything they wanted to do. |
-Exactly; hold that thought. I‘ve said that intellectually we know personality is no more
fixed than our tangible selves, but we refuse to change unless we agree that we need changing. |
Bonnie looked up from sprinkling croutons into a bowl of salad.
I nodded.
-So it makes perfect sense that the broader the view of reality we have, the better we can see
ourselves in the grand scheme, and the greater the changes we can make. Is the white chilled? |
she said, nodding at the bottles in my hand.
-Just cool, | I said, setting both bottles down to rummage through her utensil drawer.
-Kha- lib also said energy takes forms that reflect its speed, and this form is only apparent to
forms that vibrate in the same range. |
-Uh huh—where‘d you hide the corkscrew? |
-Check the dish rack. |
-You wash your cork screw? |
-You don't? |
-Twist caps... |
-In that case, I‘m honored that you bought corked wine. | She picked up the salad bowl and
napkin-wrapped utensils. -Yours, | she said, nodding at the plates and marinating fish as she
headed downstairs.
-In effect, | I said, taking the glasses, an extra plate from the dish rack, and the fish, -you‘re
saying that a ghost sees other ghosts as real, and we're illusions to them? |
-Yes, but hold that thought, as well. | We negotiated our way through her son's bicycle,
basketball, and assorted sports paraphernalia on the narrow side path to the front of the house,
where we set our dishes down on a weathered picnic table that a previous tenant had liberated
from the Provincial Park Service.
-As we engage new experiences, | she said, arranging place settings, -we transcend the
apparent limitations of our physically related insights. | Bonnie looked at me as I lit the barbecue.
-So you see, freedom really is a state of mind! | The fiery whoosh acted as an exclamation point.
-Got it. Experience liberates us from incarcerating ideas. |
-Experience is the catalyst to attaining knowledge. | Bonnie looked at me questioningly, as
if I wasn‘t taking her seriously. -Try to think like an apprentice. | She looked down to find her
next words. -Fear focuses our attention on experiences we don't want, when it's our focus that
inexorably draws us to or creates those experiences. It follows that focusing on not being
desperate is the reverse of striving for joy, because the focus is on desperation. |
-Don't focus on the negative as something to avoid, focus on the positive as something to
achieve. Got it. |