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mind is a grand achievement of passivity for a core predator, for a clear mind paves the way for
mastery of your lessons in illusions. |
-Mankind‘s illusions are double sided; to believe one is to be run down by the other.
-Did she not say your journey has two tales, during your first hours together? |
-Funny. |
-It is your joke. You have been excavating the secret of your destiny by calling it Twins. |
-That means nothing to me. |
-For the moment, but the moment will change. |
Chapter 31
Alpha and Omega
I did not realize he meant right away, because of this oblique approach:
Kha-lib said that any idea may be expressed in endless ways; a grain of sand is to us a
miniscule aspect of terrain, but in other perceptual circumstances, it‘s an entire world. Any
interpretation of any -thing, | depends on the speed and nature of the observer, and the
experiences that allow them to make connections between apparently disparate events in their
version of reality. For example, we create music by pulsing air molecules at mathematical values
that conform to malleable rules of orchestration. Where a conductor may focus on the
relationships between the different instruments, to create a mural of sound, the musician may feel
that her notes are telling a private story. Together, they can create a sweeping emotional journey
for an audience, like the William Tell O verture, or they may organize their discontent through
discordant riffs.
Simplistically, he said artists are the architects of experiences and experiments that enrich
their own lives, after which audiences respond as an internal collaboration based on the degree to
which they are exposed to the medium. However, there are always a few who extend that
collaboration, forcing audiences to stretch the fundamentals of the form. These are the
unreasonable ones who tread the line between an inmate representing their personal asylum, and
the trailblazer making lives richer by unlocking the doors of perception that others may walk
through. To extend the metaphor, these people have gone from the audience to the orchestra, to
become a solo artist, and then a conductor of experiences aimed at having new effects on their
He said, -Our conductors are the artists and architects of the human condition, who use their
knowledge to stalk students out of their assumed personality. You knew about this process when
you chose your personality for this quest. |
-I chose who I am; the same applies to Bonnie? |
-We will discuss the specific construction of personality in your next phase. For now, her
preferences are derived from Saa-ra's entire identity, in the same way that you are a portion of
Philip. She chose to be the kind of person who, literally propelled by her circumstances and
genetic makeup, would succumb to the cultural cruelty and domestic brutality of your so-called
enlightened societies. |
Bonnie was born in Sweden, and she had lived in the United States and Canada.
-In this way, she knows these circumstances extend to all societies. |
-Why did she choose a hard road? |
"She chose the path necessary to experience the ways in which yo ur world mistreats
females. This forced her to adapt her mindset toward survival in her cultural milieu, and