Stalking the Average Man HTML version

-So why did you give her my number? |
-It wasn‘t about you. Good job, see you in the morning. |
After this day of apparently establishing my bona fides to Bonnie, I realized her first and
subsequent Saturday morning topics to strangers seeking enlightenment rarely strayed from some
aspect of gathering energy through reshaping our behavior. To this end, she examined some of
the political and religious beliefs that influence us, including communist, theocratic, and
autocratic structures, as counterpoints to democracy, because we were most familiar with this
system of thought, and Jewish, Moslem, and Buddhist beliefs as counterpoints to Christianity's
unavoidable influences on western culture.
This may sound like the sessions could be tedious, but two things kept me alert if not
intrigued; Bonnie‘s personas offered material in poignant, if not entertaining ways, while no
religious, ethnic, or political group, escaped unscathed, but not judged. Her delivery was without
speculation; it simply was the way it was, which also made acting as if I was student more
natural when I was with her. This cooler, efficient ambiance became the teaching standard after
about six Saturday meetings, and two things became clear to me: new visitors quickly
understood this was not a social gathering, and fewer of them came back...
Bonnie had been attracting between seventeen and twenty- five people, which dropped to
around twelve with her change of approach; three of our seven core regulars also became
offended by what they perceived to be petty challenges by the personas, and we saw them no
more. Interestingly, the number of readings Bonnie booked did not drop, other than from her
scheduling them according to her responsibilities, not theirs : privately, I asked Bonnie if the to ne
of her readings had changed as well. She said the ambiance remained cordial, sometimes jovial,
and one way or another she advised all of her clients that this was a time of transition. She
speculated that, in the beginning, the Universe had accommodated our fascinations while
orienting us toward learning things of real value. Then the format change from Q and A to an
interactive teaching process was unsuited to people of lesser energy, and they left us.
This observation led to the second one: Josh was quietly affable, but his reluctant
participation made him appear shallow. Overall, his disposition was so dissimilar to Bonnie‘s
that it bewildered me how he had become her boyfriend. Even more baffling, was why Bonnie
did not see their relationship as a train-wreck in the making.
Nothing personal; the incongruity was blatant.
Somehow, I did not apply this to me.
This time of change also brought with it a change in our own relationship : Bonnie often
suggested that I apply information from her channels toward assessing my life for evidence of
Universal Intent—for a life purpose. When I joked about the irony of getting advice on how to
live from the dead, the more I thought about this the funnier it became until a cool voice said, -If
there be death, then you are more dead than we. |
My gut contracted, smothering my snickering before I realized Bonnie had finally slipped
up—the egoless Universe had misinterpreted my comment as a slight.
Taking her to task, as a decent student would, I said, -My humor is geared to a mortal
audience so it's understandable that you would misconstrue my comment. |
"We have lived in your reality many times, and we understand mankind's idea of humor
well. There is a time and place for it. |
-Humor is a spontaneous part of my being so are you objecting to free will? | I said lightly.
-To you, | K ha-lib said tonelessly, -our presence represents the oppression of free will,
because your religions have caused you to equate faith with desperation and worship to