Stalking the Average Man HTML version

We prepare for the return; you will not be alone. I send with you
the emanations of my own heart, (his arm sweeps toward the four)
the portions of my personality, which together complete my
identity. They are the keepers of time and the gateway of
knowledge. They will act as catalysts that you may understand your
past, and return to you the wisdom that is yours. We shall return the
world to the position from where it began, as it was intended to be.
And when the way is paved, I will send you my son, for I must
finish what I began millennia ago.
A distant singing voice is added : there will be four a cappella voices added over the
music, and a rising- in- volume choir with each addition as KHA- LI makes the
following introductions.
KHA-LI (cont‘d)
The angel of the west—number one.
(PHILLIP bows his head—voice one Aahhh aa--ahh-ah is added)
The initiator of action will be known as Phillip.
(PHILLIP raises his head)
KHA-LI (cont‘d)
The angel of the north—number two
(JEROME bows his head—voice two is heard O hh ha ohh-oh oh)
The angel of union. He shall be named Jerome.
(JEROME raises his head)
KHA-LI (cont'd)
The angel of the south, number three.
(PETER nods—voice three Ayya-yaa, aay-yaaaa)
To complete the union of Earth, Heaven and Spirit shall be named
Peter. (pause)
KHA-LI (cont‘d)
The angel of the east, number four—who is the last cornerstone o f
the pyramid and the messenger. She shall be named SAA-RA,
(SAA-RA nods—voice four Ahhh-ohha eee yohh)
Number five will be myself, Kha- li. I will be known by another
name. I will not be as I was, for when I was once the beginning I
am now the end as a reb irth. (Pause to look at everyone). You all
will make the way ready.
MUSIC: The four voices blend in with a full choir.
KHA-LI walks toward the exit, his astral body FADES as BG voices of the twenty-six
saying goodbye and farewell blend with the choir. Soon after KHA-LI disappears, in
pairs the entities draw in their astral bodies to pinpoints of light, and streak away
through the crystalline walls into spatial infinity toward the rose petal gateway. The
rose becomes more solid looking as the crystal walls shimmer with less density.
Pinpoints of light gather at the gateway, which reform as astral bodies. As the first astral
body floats toward the center of the gate, the tempo increases, and expectation builds.
KHA-LI greets this first entity with an exchange of warmth and love in their glances,