Stalking the Average Man HTML version

-My certain knowledge of life's continuance brought with it the awareness that I'm here for
only a short time. I‘m not saying this as a parental concern, or philosophical advice, I mean that
we're here for a really, really short time. | She snapped her fingers, and I half expected her to
disappear. Smiling at my reaction, she said, -I‘m aware of how easy it is to waste an opportunity,
which is why I try to make my every action as deliberate a choice as I'm capable of making, as
opposed to a person who misreads warnings as challenges. I still catch myself doing silly
things, | she said, smothering a smile because her remark went over my head, -because
reprogramming the way the world insists I think requires constant attention. I get help with that. |
She briefly looked up, then back at me. Swallowing, she said, -What‘s your decision? |
"What the hell, let's get on with it. |
"Done! | Bonnie said so firmly that her ancient cat jumped up off her belly; looking over
her shoulder, Ginger trotted out of the room.
Had I been in Tripoli, I would have noticed the crowd thinning and headed for Jordan—
best salads in the world, in Amman. As it was, I chuckled over Bonnie‘s imitation of me as she
went to the fireplace. Picking up a paperback by Jane Roberts from the mantel, she said, -This
will help clear up the first hundred questions you'll have. And this, | she said picking up the bag
with the belt inside, -will keep you from having to hike up your pants. Your jogging is working
well. |
-I thought it was for Kris, | I mumbled unappreciatively.
-We are not in a financial competition either, and my gifts do not come with conditions, |
she said coolly.
Her eyes brightened. -If that‘s too much to take for a first lesson, think of it as a teaching
aid. You can hitch your thumbs through the loops as a reminder to pay attention like a real
student, to every syllable of what I‘m saying. | She cocked her head to one side. -Come to think
of it, I need the exercise. Do you want to run together; we can do lessons at the same time? |
-Sure. |
-Your commitment is underwhelming. |
Chapter 28
Jogging together didn‘t happen for many weeks, which didn‘t break my heart because I
enjoyed the solitary aspects and the freeness of a wandering mind. Bonnie was sure to be slower,
unable to do my distance, and she would probably talk the whole bloody way.
What stopped us wasn‘t a lack of resolve, but a lack of time, because after our new
agreement she began channeling descriptively illusive entities virtually every moment we were
together. And when I went home at night, I read Jane Roberts‘ Seth Material to grasp what
Bonnie had told me during the day...
Typically, our days began around nine, always with the Kha- lib persona setting up
timeframes and cultural backgrounds for the physical lifetimes of other personas who would then
tell tales of personal growth that I could relate to the larger quest: I recognized that Bonnie was
acting out the prologue reminiscences in the first material she had allowed me to read.
As an example of this approach, Phillip told a story about sibling rivalry driving him to
accomplishments he might not otherwise have attempted; Caroline then spoke about a youthful
jealousy that drove her to become a prima donna, before Kha-lib explained that focus was the
difference between the two experiences. Smoldering resentment had propelled Phillip to greater
achievements, but because acrimony had been his fuel, the journey was without joy and the