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comprehensive personal tribute somehow failed to mention how many medics had been killed or
wounded in the preceding months in that area, or that the networks he was working for had
refused to pay compensation to Clark‘s widow and children.
I didn‘t change a word before scrolling back to the original scene, where my thoughts
flowed like molasses—a good thing for nuance—so I had an unusually productive three hours of
work on my own book. After a hot shower cleansed the remaining vitriol from my system, I
drove across the bridge feeling lighter...
Bonnie read my morning‘s work over tea and toast in her kitchen, concentrating as if it
were an English translation of Albanian assembly instructions for a Korean ceiling fan. Wearing
a faint smile of satisfaction, when her lips weren‘t moving, she read it again. Finally setting the
pages down, she said, -You have engineered a series of subterranean references that flow with
the electricity of uncertainty and disaster, until your cameraman's musings sucker punched my
assumptions. For a moment, I looked at life they way you guys saw it, and it scared the hell out
of me. Excellent job, | she said pushing the pages my way. -No, not excellent, outstanding. |
-Thank you, but it‘s not much different from my other stuff. |
-It‘s a personal payoff: you discovered what stood in the way of writing the entire scene
like this the first time around. | She tapped the pages. -The first part is a delicate balance between
thin and enticing, which would have lost its ed ge without the hammering thoughts of your
characters. |
-I didn‘t think about doing that, but I guess I did. |
Bonnie frowned and said, -We really can‘t have you guessing anymore. | To my chagrin,
she began listing all of the meta-principles we had ever talked about, as if I understood few and
was guessing at the rest.
These premises included how parents nurture an infant‘s beliefs into inevitable acts, how the
nature of all actions cycle back to their originator, and that a continuity of similar acts builds
momentum. Impeccable actions also come back as positive influences, while polishing the link
to Intent, which, as a simultaneous force and purpose, makes any goal a fait accompli. It follows
that the key to living a productive life lies in learning wha t we are really like, for only in this way
can we do the right thing, for the right reason. This also provides an energy gain, and with the
inevitable return of these events to help smooth our path, we can challenge larger issues.
Eventually, we earn the energy that a mortal manifestation of the earthbound spirit requires to
make a permanent connection to their / our Original Intent. She also reiterated that the practices
of clarity, past and to come, where preparation for lessons I would not understand wit hout clear
thinking. We had to move the crap out of the way to make room for knowledge.
It was old stuff, but by reconnecting these ideas the designs of Intent came into focus for
me : practicing personal disciplines was like taking a course in Destiny Cartography, the other
side of this being to wander a relatively uncharted path designed by default—by uninformed
consent. Briefly, it was incomprehensible to me why anyone wouldn‘t want to take charge of his
or her lives in this way, then and again, the insight lost its edge.
-Are we close to sharing a monumental assumption? | Bonnie interrupted my thoughts.
-Hard to tell, | I said.
Seeing that I was struggling to make sense of something, she did not correct my grammar.
Chapter 24
The Lifeline