Stalking the Average Man HTML version

am, that is my word, and they are the same for my actors in the theatre of
the absurd.
SAA-RA points through the crystalline walls toward the Milky Way.
As we leave at the same time here (she smiles at the word Time), we
enter into the depth of linear time at different points in physical life.
(She circles her finger three times, and the atmosphere appears to ripple around the motions
in slightly different hues with each circle.)
Your different years of birth (she motions with her arm to encompass the
twenty-six) correspond to the experiences you have chosen in order to
meet us at specific points in destiny. This one is the present (her finger
ripples a brownish hue), this one is the time of the beginning (her fingers
ripples a greenish hue), and…
As seen over the shoulder of MAN ONE.
That was all Bonnie had written.
I straightened the pages and, for no reason, set them down gently. Bonnie tried to hide any
indication of anticipation, which only enhanced it as I thought about her work and said, -I liked
it. A little tightening here and there, and you‘re good to go‘; except maybe the poetry thing. It‘s
not consistent. |
There was something knawingly familiar about it, but I couldn‘t recall what book or movie I
was thinking of.
Bonnie watched and waited, as if I was supposed to say something.
-I gather the first scene introduces K ha-li? | I said, breaking her focus.
-Correct. Are you ready to deal with the premise of knowing as if your life depended on it? |
-I‘m all ears. |
-That‘ll have to do. |
Chapter 22
The Nature of Knowing
Formally, Bonnie said, -My teachers will say that everything is conscious, and all
consciousness vibrates at a frequency specific to its genus and individual nature. | She moved her
finger across our table in a waveform pattern. -Everything is also electromagnetic, so like-
minded people attract and contribute to the momentum of similarly natured events. The more
evolved the consciousness or nature of the act, the faster it vibrates. Unconditional love is the
most rapid event; malice is the slowest. |
I nodded to confirm that I had not fallen behind.
-You are magnetic, so the thoughts you generate are also independent magnetic forces. We
talked about this at our first meeting. | She leaned forward. -At some point in your life, you were
unable to recall information that was familiar, then later in the day it popped into your mind. The
effort to find this information is akin to sending a messenger that rides the momentum of will, to
attract a response that matches the frequency and sequencing of the question. When we turn our
SAA-RA (cont‘d)
It is time for introductions.