Stalking the Average Man HTML version

"Secrecy is not a prerequisite to espionage, it's a method. What was the nature of Terry‘s
assignments? Where did he go? |
Sean Bobbitt, a cameraman I had worked some hard stuff with, was Terry's close friend, so
I knew more about him than a passing acquaintance normally would. A fact I didn't appreciate
until my list for Bonnie grew to include Afghanistan, many trips to the north of Ireland, plus all
of the countries in conflict I had been in—a baker's dozen if you included repeats and internal
-Did he do volunteer assignments? |
-He made me look shy. |
-Well? | she said, expectantly.
-I said I'd look into it. |
-You said you‘d keep it in mind. Listen, | she sat up, -I'm not trying to push the spying
angle for your book. I‘m trying to have you see that your friend didn't understand the world he
was playing in—where he really was. This is a huge lesson for my trainees. | She looked cross-
eyed at me, a thought found a home, then she said, -I think you need a demonstration of what I
mean beyond the obvious, otherwise we‘re going to get bogged down. Let‘s figure something out
over lunch on Granville Island. |
-Sure—my tab—I‘ve got some money coming, | I said, getting off the couch. -You‘re
talking about a demonstration of where I really am? |
-If you recall our first meeting, | she said heading toward the door, -I said intellect had little
to do with grasping many of my premises, because you needed an experience to embrace them.
Otis in the park amounts to the theory about where you really were, because it wasn‘t a personal
demonstration to you—only a difference of opinion. The experience we are heading for will
demonstrate how you reason your perspectives to suit your beliefs, which means your situational
awareness is actually a description that applies only in your mind. |
-I‘ll probably figure out what you just said by the time we get there, | I said, opening the
door for her.
Moving past me, she said, -The point is that our audience needs to appreciate how
dangerous it would be for my rescuers to reason a circumstance to suit any belief. They can
never lose sight of the nature of events. |
-Is this what you meant when you said they don‘t believe anything? |
-Yes, but there‘s more to it. |
I knew Bonnie should have this scene written, because it had nothing to do with me, but
confronting her didn‘t matter now that I was working on scenes for the grant application on my
own. -Got it, | I said.
-Let's take the Aquabus, - she said, as I locked the door. -The tip is mine. |
-Done, | she said, then she clicked her tongue like an Arab grandmother discovering too
late that her granddaughter had decorated the kitchen floor with flour and water.
We walked half a kilometer to the foot of Hornby Street in casual conversation, then
boarded a twenty- foot ferry that offered unobstructed panoramic views through large Plexiglas
windows, helmed amidships from a steering station that protruded two feet higher that the cabin
According to our -captain | , a young woman honing her spiel in preparation for the
lucrative Asian tourist invasion, Spanish traders were taking otter pelts from the Pac ific rim to
the China market when, in 1792, Captain George Vancouver arrived to negotiate for territory and
to map the shoreline. The island of Vancouver, not Isla de Ferdinand, speaks to his success. She