Stalking the Average Man HTML version

sadness that comes with it. If the observer had explored their perceptions to the extent of aligning
their own consciousness with the tree‘s, as an instant comprehension they would have
understood how to interpret colors of consciousness, and deduce the health and mood of not only
trees but of other creatures, because there is a continuity to representative colors. In this, and
subsequent aligning with other forms of consciousness, they may also realize that all things are
connected, and in their own way everything shares a sense of history in which contact with
humans has always been detrimental: we alone act as if everything is a personal resource.
Because of this, no consciousness welcomes mankind; they are not our friends. It is an infinitely
sad reality.
Bonnie‘s writings next described two personal experiences of students, one of which was
little more than curious to the recipient, and the other profoundly moving.
That was it.
-Chunky, | I said, handing her the pages. -Where does it fit in the movie? |
-Practicing these arts made them considerably more aware of the world around them,
because in time they will need to be attuned to the ambiance of circumstances, like you were
when you had to be. |
-I didn‘t stare at poppies in the Bekaa Valley. |
-I didn't say you instigated the awareness. Something set aside your self- interest long
enough to allow information to filter through. |
-Is it necessary for the audience to understand the rituals, or can you show them as
background to becoming more aware of their situation? |
-Rituals are based on arts that have lost their meaning with time. These arts, | she said,
tapping the pages, -are formidable practices of personal power designed to evolve designated
individuals. We'll make that clear to the audience. |
-Designated, meaning teachers are nasty to weed out the ones who wouldn‘t make good
magic? |
-Nasty? |
-The girl staring at a crystal has a tearful knowing about why her teacher is so difficult to
get along with. I'm guessing that difficult in your world is related to putting kids in cages. |
-The student saw through her personal mask to see beliefs she didn't realize she had. This
knowledge changed her destiny from an average person's evolutionary path to a direct approach
to self-evolvement. By this time, | she tapped the page, -our audience will understand that she
had crossed the bridge from old beliefs in preceding chapters, where her teacher was
methodically tearing them down. With that preparation, she was able to make the leap to
claiming knowledge about what she was like. | She flashed a grin. -The student understood
specifically how she had been fooled by a convincing world, and that knowledge put her in
charge of her path. With training, the same thing might have happened to you after your
experiences in Argentina. |
-It did. I went freelance. |
-In terms of essential acts, | Bonnie said, getting up to stretch her legs, -you went from an
unwitting sacrifice to a volunteer pawn, risking it all for the cause of compensation. Nothing
changed other than fast-tracking your path here. |
-Thanks, | wasn‘t the first thing I thought to say, and it was for the best. She didn‘t know
-I know that‘s a hard one to swallow, when you think you've learned key knowledge from a
pivotal experience. I earned my Master's degree in uninformed consent at the expense of