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Stalking the Average Man
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Acknowledgme nts :
This work would not have been possible without the forty-three years of overt friendship
and surreptitious guardianship that Ed Koenig provided me , the many forms of support that
Britta Young and Brenda MacPherson offered, and the relentless love and patience of Geri Nolan
Hilfiker. It is dedicated to JBM, the loving memories of Eric and Mary Lee Axelson, Paul and
Elizabeth Koenig, and Michael Monty, each of whom left this place better off than they found it.
Special thanks to Lia Avalos for her early contributions, and Manny Alvarez—a multi-beer
stranger whose insights and actions probably saved my life a couple of times. You can decide.
Based On A True Story:
Throughout time seers, shamans, and sorcerers of particular backgrounds, have refined a
teaching scheme called stalking, the sole purpose of which is to free their apprentice(s) from
apparently reasonable behaviors that will cause great harm down the road. My teacher, a mystic
by any other name, presented her knowledge in a nonlinear manner to force me to unravel the
riddles her methods created. Creating a practical chronology of otherwise true events
accomplished this goal.
The core premise of Bonnie‘s teachings was that humankind has risen and fallen many
times, and Universal forces have intervened when it was necessary. Now is such a time.
She explained that Spirit intercedes by sending individuals—Portions of themselves—into
physical life in the traditional way, but whose experiences are designed to become the basis of
future endeavors. O f necessity, and as it is with all of humanity, to have pure experiences they
could not be aware of their missions, so there comes a time when they need to be -awakened | to
their purpose. Ultimately, this involves a teacher demolishing the beliefs these emissaries needed
to embrace, but from which they will learn how to approach their specific tasks.
As you might imagine, this is no simple feat, and not everyone accepts their potential role:
-When the student is ready, the teacher appears, | means that the student is energetically able to
handle the lessons, whereas willingness is never part of the equation. The process of raising their
errant beliefs from the unrealized to eye level is also endlessly affronting, while the
circumstances that generated them inherently create a maze of self-justification.
Overcoming the intellectual labyrinth that is their -reason | requires that the teacher be
cunning, and relentless in the dismantling of the potential student‘s safeguards to self-discovery
beginning with arriving in disguise to probe the student‘s beliefs.