Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"You’re on the right track." Somberly, she said, "Millions of Post Traumatic Distress
victims are poised to embrace a new position—literally—that reflects their understanding of the
true nature of the events that shifted their Assemblage Points away from what others consider
normal. I’m not just talking about the military. The police, fire and rescue workers, ambulance
attendants, the able but chronically unemployed, and a massive reserve of the physically and
emotionally abused, all have a voice that will unite and be heard over the din of nationalistic
"Will unite, not might unite?"
"Will unite." She gathered a short breath, and counted on her fingers. "Oppressive systems
cannot help but breed rebellion, because all things inherently strive; courage is contagious, and
unification completes the energetic cycle. For now," she inhaled deeply, "they are silent because
they’ve been taught that they are not quite right when, with a little help, they’ll learn that it’s the
other way around." She tapped her temple as we topped the boat ramp and turned left.
"It’s the relentless draw of ‘the way things are’ in the world they left behind that’s killing so
many of them, because their continuity has been shattered, and the cultural glue of common
assumptions is no longer filling the gaps in their reason. Like you, they have not been set back in
the world—they have transcended a critical aspect o f aberrant reasoning."
"You’re saying that helping veterans reintegrate into the society that shaped them, hurts
"Psychologically, it is an attempt to reverse the process of their personal evolution. If they
were instead helped by those with the same experience to embrace what they’ve seen and done,
as is, and why they participated without reasoning justifications, they would clinch the lesson as-
it-was- meant-to-be," she ran on, "because that is the design of the experience."
"What was the lesson?" I said as Bonnie stopped to look at an engineering monument to
momentum outside of the Emily Carr University: a ball bearing rolls down a ramp into a cup, the
cup tilts, the ball strikes a bell, the swing of the bell actuates a lever etc.
Looking at the glass-encased device, she said, "The same as it was for you. They were
supposed to be screwed up to make a developmental point they had not learned in lesser ways,
and now they have succeeded. These ways could be of many lifetimes of trying different
approaches, but they definitely include the culture they came from this time around." She turned
to face me. "I’m not saying there aren’t some positive ways they’re being reintegrated, like
learning how to trust again, and coming out of their emotional shells. It’s the patriot thingy I’m
talking about." She grinned, then turned to walk away.
"The true courage of their journey," she said as I caught up, "lies in making this discovery.
Honoring the journey is their duty to themselves and their children, by speaking out and making
a stand. Moving on, let’s look at conditioning from a Stalk…"
"Sorry. Just to cover all bases, some people I know said they’re not affected by regularly
working in dangerous places. How do you explain that?"
"How do you explain that?"
"I’m biased, but I don’t see how it’s possible unless there’s a level of courage I don’t know
"Or their courage had long since been infected or deflected."
"They’re displacing fear to embrace a cause?"
"I’m saying they’ve dealt with it elsewhere: one way or another, they’ll still leak when
pressured; it’s just a different button. Follow up on their cause."