Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"I won’t, but aren’t you… you know—protected?"
"My integration process is a partnership. I do not know enough, and I am otherwise not yet
capable of properly applying what I do know to keep myself and my children safe on my own."
"To be clear about our circumstance," she let me go, "you are free to discuss your own
journey with anyone, but I caution you again that it will cost you those relationships. You might
not be ready for that. Not all at once."
"I recall."
"Learning from me will cost you that anyway, but it isn’t a loss. As you leave your reasoned
agreements behind you won’t be interested in maintaining contact with people on the same level
you met them, and you won’t want to speak about your lessons until it’s time. It would be useless
if you did—who would believe you?"
"What time is that?"
"If and when you are guided to teach someone who has the energy to learn," she said with a
twinkle in her eye. "Now," she declared a switch in focus, "for an average person to remain
ignorant of their Assemblage Point is to guarantee that they remain average, with all this implies.
For the Stalker, controlling the Assemblage Point is about more than controlling perception: they
know that it is literally a connection to Spirit, which they can work with directly by earning the
energy required to move it at will." She slowly shook her head, pondering.
I cocked mine.
"That’s not incorrect, but it’s not entirely accurate. Let’s just say that saving energy by
behaving properly makes it easier to move, which includes working directly with Spirit, who
offers advanced lessons through the principle of the Minimal Chance."
"I understood all of that."
"There’s hope for you." Refocusing, she slowed our pace to a lover’s stroll without the
romantic ambiance, as if to allow more of my daily allotme nt of energy to pull my head out of
my reason.
"We’ve covered the perceptual mechanisms that affect your behavior, so it’s time to make it
more relevant to you. Glass of wine at Bridges, while we do that?"
"I’ll probably need a bottle."
Chapter 15
Our slow walk to the Aquabus dock took fifteen minutes, and crossing False Creek to
Granville Island only five more. Along the way, Bonnie continued her technique of reviewing
my lessons while expanding them, and having me integrate this information into a larger view:
"We choose physical incarnations from our primary state of conscious energy," she said,
"which is translated into what we perceive as the physical form. This idea- form has chosen, and
is therefore predisposed to engaging specific lessons, and bypassing experiences that are more
appropriate to other challenges."
I nodded patiently.
"As we experience early life without explanations, we translate the nature of events into
their influences on us as sublimated belie fs. This programming always translates into behavior at
the instigation of related events. With the development of language, our still-developing
personality accepts, rejects, or modifies our beliefs, based on what we conceive to be in our
evolving best interests."