Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"But one is natural and the other is contrived?"
"Control over our contrived indoctrinations is the essence of self-development, and you
have no idea what is natural because your decisions have all been conformed to suit pre-existing
conditions." She took a breath. "A Stalker crying in a comedy club is taking charge of her
conditioning, and making it whatever she wants it to be, not what the world told her it should
be." Bonnie grinned ruefully. "There is no time to laugh, cry, or become angr y, that we have not
decided to do so, and we can exchange our reactive responses for good decisions. This is why it
is critical to understand that your behavior reflects your beliefs, so understanding the true nature
of your beliefs is to be able to change the crappy ones by practicing better behaviors. Doing this
repositions the Assemblage Point."
"Wouldn’t that be lying to your emotions?"
"O nly to the should of your conditioning, which is precisely what we are trying to get rid
"So consciously reversing self-deception…" I said, hesitantly.
"Feels deceptive," she finished my sentence, "because you are aware of what you should
feel, which would be arbitrary had it not been conformed in specific ways." She took a breath.
"Behavior for the average person is literally practiced at the behest of outside events impinging
on their self- image; for Stalkers, behavior is a conscious choice."
"An example for someone like me, please—not a Stalker?"
"Instead of complaining about a crappy event, thereby reinforcing it, you could immediately
fix something that was broken, clean your house, or go out and commit a random act of
"How does that work with emotions?"
"You need to learn to use them properly. A setback, for example, is not sad. It is an
unexpected challenge on planned routes that never turn out to be what we thought they were
"So it doesn’t have to be an extreme emotional change; taking control is the issue."
"Exactly. This brings me to the pivotal idea that changed my thinking about contro lling my
behavior: it takes just as much energy to learn and practice how to live a self-oriented, ill-
considered, reactive, and apparently risky life, as it does to learn and practice facing properly
considered challenges without self- interest." She stared, waiting for this idea to make a dent.
It was a good thing she was patient.
Eventually, I said, "Does this mean that if we started out learning how to live properly, we
wouldn’t need such a massive amount of energy to change our thinking?"
"Yes; now because the Assemblage Point is initially fixed in the cognition of the average
person, Stalkers describe a permanent shift away from this position as loosing the human form,
which is our goal—separating you from the world of average people." She hesitated before
saying, "I’ll explain this further, but for now I want you to be aware that the average man is
driven by the should of reason. This makes them dangerous, because they feel they must do
things only because they’ve been told to feel that way without questioning why, before
examining their true circumstance. This assumes they are able to do that. An underlying affect is
that they’re automatically afraid of what others may know about them, and they’ll fight you to
the death of your relationships to maintain their core illusions." She squeezed my arm, meaning
this still applied to me.
"This circumstance is dangerous for me," she continued, "and why I’m asking you not to
reveal my identity to anyone until I tell you otherwise."