Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

words that the average person’s awareness is inconceivably inadequate compared to what is
possible to know outside of reason—outside of language."
"Still with you."
Nodding, she said, "Seers can see the energy lines in all things, including the apparent
nothingness around us." Looking around, she said, "They can see the infinite intelligence and
vitality of the Universe, and within that vitality they can see there is a constant pressure." She
focused on me. "Don Juan called it a predatory force that relentlessly tries to enhance the
awareness of all things. In other words, we have no choice but to learn, whereas free will allows
us endless choices of how we will do that—with an exception of sorts. We are no longer free to
wantonly endanger our planet to the point of no return; that’s the line we’re standing on, and why
the Universe has sent emissaries here to help us get on track."
"An exception to free will sounds like a contradiction."
"Free will must ultimately reign, but responsibility must be taken for one’s actions." She
closed her eyes. "This planet is one probability of many, but it is the core version that came into
existence at the behest of Intent. Because of this, they are taking responsibility for it and us, for
now, by allowing us to choose which version we will come back into. O ne version is the virtual
annihilation of humanity; another is the successful transition from where we are now, to a
progressive and peaceful place of development. This place is the middle ground from which we
are making our choice, so they won’t allow the ultimate catastrophe to happen here. That’s the
point of their intercession in our ways: they can’t stop events that are unfinished, or otherwise
attach themselves to them, but they can affect the conditions that allow for these events to
She shrugged the topic of free will aside.
"According to Stalkers, the Assemblage Point is more or less fixed on illuminating specific
strands of perception, but it can both shift and move. A shift is a small action that essentially
extends the area of illumination, which one experiences as an insight or inspiration. A
movement, which can also be caused by an accident or traumatic experience, can literally
assemble another worldview. The average perso n would think they are hallucinating."
"Are you saying they really would be seeing another world?" I interrupted her flow.
"Of course, but that’s not the issue. It’s critical to know about the Assemblage Point because
we literally teach it to respond to circumstances we have been conformed to receive in particular
ways. In simple terms, if our self-image tells us we’ve been insulted, our Assemblage Point says
‘your wish is my command,’ and it shifts to where we feel angry."
"But we really do feel angry?" I said confused.
"O f course we do, because we told our Assemblage Point to shift to that point of
"You mean we can tell it to shift somewhere else?"
"That’s the point!" she beamed. "You can tell it to do anything you like by cutting out the
voice of reason, and the ego’s efforts to protect you from the secrets you hold about yourself.
Remember, without being conformed to the position of average people its position is random."
"Isn’t that like suppressing feelings, or outright denial?"
"No. It’s taking charge of your reactive life. Some Stalkers have taught themselves to cry
instead of laugh, as a discipline that became their automatic response."
"Pardon me?"
"Where you would burst into laughter at a good joke, they would burst into tears just as