Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

assumptions that we internalize, the force of which keeps the Assemblage Point fixed in the
cognition of the average person. Otherwise, its position is random. It follows that you need to
practice stopping the internal dialogue to achieve a view of events untainted by your
conformation to the physical world. Does this make sense?"
"So far."
"When this day is done, I will give you procedures to practice an art called not-doing*, to
help you stop your internal dialogue. When you’re comfortable with the idea, we will work on
them together. Moving on," she flicked her wrist. "As an average person, your Assemblage Point
is rooted in the Place of Reason; we’ll call that the First Point of Knowledge or the First
Attention. Again, this is our most precious tool of development in physical reality, but in relative
terms of all that is available to us perceptually, it is like the letter ‘A’ to a Shakespearian scholar:
absolutely necessary to know that letters exist, to teach kindergarten reading, but long since
supplanted not by sentences, but by classic works."
"I can imagine that potential difference better, because of the first assumption we shared."
Nodding, Bonnie said, "The Second Point of Knowledge is the Place of No Pity. This is
where you have no emotion, no compassion, and no concern about events, because the filaments
are focused on what’s in front of you entirely without influence—the judgments of self are part
of the inventory of the First Attention."
"If the Place of No Pity is without compassion, wouldn’t you be cruel?"
"For a Stalker to have compassion means they’d wish other people were like them. This
would make them average, and they’d waste energy helping those who aren’t ready for the head-
on challenge of self-discovery." She touched my sleeve. "While we’re at it, one of the most
difficult lessons to learn about impeccability is letting others choose their own way, because you
will recognize harmful continuities in your friends’ behavior. If it’s part of your path, you can
support them until they learn enough to agree to being taught, or more likely not." She shrugged
without compassion. "I let you be yourself until you decided to learn, but you could have run
from me until an experience hooked you."
"If I understand you, the Place of No Pity is where metaphorical novels reside, in terms of
the scope of our awareness, but there is no sense of attachment to them?"
"Yes, and when you better understand how to determine the true nature of events, alongside
accessing knowledge directly, a complete novel can reveal itself with just a glance." She snapped
her fingers. "This is why I’ve been teaching you how to assess the nature of events since the day
we met. It’s part of a vastly larger picture."
"So you have," I said, only then realizing that I had stood no chance of impressing her in
any way. To the contrary, I felt… well, not exactly grateful.
"You have also managed to save enough energy to experience a small example of this kind
of clarity with Rachel and Meaghan, but the ultimate energetic achievement is controlling the
movement of the Assemblage Point."
"I can imagine how that might be."
"Good. Now a Conditional Death occurs at the behest of Spirit moving the Assemblage
Point to the position where the awareness of what one is really like envelopes you." She pursed
her lips. "That’s not precisely correct, because you intellectually have to be aware of what you
are really like to recognize the elements of the moment you are being freed from." No matter,"
she flicked her wrist. "If you were religious, you would say that God’s love embraced you. As
you are anything but religious, if this happens to you in this lifetime you will know beyond