Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

Hesitating to assess something, Bonnie then said, "The other one-way bridge is from Silent
Knowledge back to Reason, and the bridge deck is of concern—concern for the source of your
knowledge. This just happened to you."
"Not be contradictory, but I wasn’t concerned. Like you said, it just happened."
"We’ve been over this: you regularly Intend to Know, which is concern." She looked toward
the Lions Gate Bridge, then back my way. "In the moment immediately before your ‘Ahhh," you
took all of the pieces of that event from your reason, into the Place of No Pity, and you knew the
whole experience at the level of your Silent Knowledge. As we’ve discussed, knowledge without
expression is useless to you, so you had to bring what you knew back to where reason would
grasp it in its entirety. The Bridge of Reason is one way, so you had to find another way, which
was the bridge of concern for what you knew."
"T hese are like simultaneous acts?"
"Imagine if you had control over them?" Still grinning, she said, "We have talked about
stalking mostly in terms of a student's comprehension of the process, which is to reveal and
examine the core nature of behavior. The stealth aspects lie in me knowing what will result in a
given circumstance, and you being unaware of what’s coming, but willing to face what happens.
Do you agree?"
"Sure… I mean yes."
"Now we’re going to deal with stalking in a Stalker’s terms: In an overview," she carried on
without pause, "stalking is about saving energy by deliberately choosing to act impeccably. As
you get better at making these two evaluations, deliberate and impeccable, a broader clarity will
placate your ego’s drive to interfere with your decision making."
"What do you mean by placate my ego? I thought I had to stop talking to it?"
Her focus seemed to drift before she slowly said, "At one time, the ego awareness was
perfectly adapted to maintaining our health and safety. O ver time, o ur reason put more and more
trust in the ego, and we allowed our leaders to impinge on areas of life where it was not needed.
This created an illusion in man, which was useless in situations of survival—a self- image that
interjected self- interest into the essential nature of events."
At her normal pace, she said, "In our time, every member of their culture is taught the
illusion of their ego’s independent power through the nature of the acts they experience and
witness. But the reality remains; the ego doesn’t think. Instead of just keeping us safe, it
responds to the secrets that our reason has us keep from ourselves." She circled her finger in the
air, and sorrowfully said, "As you’re learning, it takes a monumental struggle to free ourselves
from a cyclical series of secrets, so you are blessed that an out-of-body experience made it
unreasonable for you to refuse to learn how to escape that momentum. More than this," she said
as a concluding thought, "because your ego learned that flying doesn’t threaten it, it considers
other formerly unreasonable events safe to experience, such as seeing and knowing. It has been
placated, and need not interfere unless you tell it to by introducing any element of self."
Bonnie continued formally: "Behind our shoulders is a fist-sized ball of energy called the
Assemblage Point; it literally assembles a view of our world by lighting the filaments relevant to
the modality of our chosen time, from an infinite number of possibilities. It follows that if this
point moves our perspective changes." She paused, and I acknowledged that I understood her,
though I missed the thread of why we were discussing this.
"From a Stalker’s perspective, from birth we are relentlessly taught by every external
experience, and personal encounter within this modality, to repeat an endless dialogue about the
world we perceive. This dialogue is a description—a translation of energy into beliefs and