Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"Did you stop your evaluation of the circumstance at any point?"
"No, I… hmm. I noticed the clarity and detail of my perceptions."
"As I said…" she pursed her lips. "You also abandoned your heightened awareness to
maintain the image you have of yourself as a generous person. In essence, you gave yourself an
example of what is possible to perceive in a pure moment, then you reverted to the cognition of
the average man to defend an illusion."
"You make it sound like it was the only time I will get the lesson."
"Two things," she said, holding up two fingers. "There are magnificent perceptions that lie
ahead of you, which your suspicion and skepticism can manipulate into something sinister
because that’s what they do. This can cost you years of effort to put it right. There is also no
force in the Universe that can guarantee you will still be breathing an hour from now, so you
have no time to waste on self- indulgence, such as how smart you think you are or justifying your
personal views. I can’t seem to get through to you that this is not personal."
Before I could comment, she said, "I haven’t mentioned all of the practices that Stalkers use
to overcome their flaws, but you’re familiar with the idea of using death as an advisor, from
Castaneda’s works?"
"Familiar only."
"I mention this so what I just said doesn’t scare you." Bonnie officiously carried on with her
original topic. "At times during your dangerous assignments, the aspects of your personality that
stood in the way of perceiving knowledge directly were set aside to allow you to experience the
critical nature of the moment. In these times, when you chose to not go down one road or turn
back, you may have entered into heightened awareness, aside from Phillip’s influences. As we
discussed in the last few weeks, you forgot about or dismissed these occasions, because you
couldn’t explain them. In the case of knowing things ahead of time, such as your father dying,
some part of your thinking was afraid that you somehow caused or contributed to events. Now
that you’re learning heightened awareness can happen spontaneously, you will better allow for it,
even summon it, and make it a personal practice to not interfere with it."
"Now that I know what’s happening, sure."
"I’m telling you this because it’s not all that will happen, and I don’t want you to think
you’re losing your mind as we work with the positions of the Assemblage Point." She chuckled.
"Actually, you’re going to do that anyway. I’m saying don’t be concerned about the apparent
contradiction of intentionally undermining your reason. The payoff is experiencing ever more
instances of pure understanding for no reason other than you intended to." She grinned like a
cherub. Holding up two fingers again, she said, "For a Stalker, there are two one-way bridges of
knowledge." She lowered her hand. "O ne of them is from Reason to Silent K nowledge, the
doorway to which is through the Place of No Pity; the bridge deck is called pure understanding,
and it entertains no behavioral influences. You do not bother believing or not believing anything
in the moment of embracing a pure understanding. You experienced this with Nabi Berri’s
guards in Beirut."
"Ahhh... that makes perfect sense."
"It follows that latent concerns can block your understandings, which is why it’s critical to
stop talking to your suspicious ego." She drew a concluding breath.
"Also understood," I said, chuckling at her reasonable explanation of an unreasonable
phenomenon, and me understanding it.