Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

can’t. They’ll implode on the flaws of your reasoning, and as I’ve said a few times, handling
energy is dangerous. For some reason, you don’t believe me."
"You know I believe you."
"And yet you do nothing about it. Sound familiar?"
Our conversation about second-hand convictions and sincerity flashed through my mind, as
I said, "I need to be absolutely deliberate and strict about how I say things all of the time?"
"Until you don’t need to be—yes."
"When is that?"
"When you understand the importance of practicing it, it will become part of your
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Chapter 14
The Assemblage Point
Bonnie stopped to use a log for balance while she brushed sand from her feet, and put her
shoes back on. With that done, she said, "O ur encounter with the panhandler was your first
official lesson about the Minimal Chance. Your awareness of Intent manifesting a gesture also
had an underlying point about how difficult it is for the average person to see the essence of what
is in front of their eyes. This is why your perceptions were aided by Intent shifting your
Assemblage Point closer to the Place of No Pity."
"I’m with you on that."
"Actually, you’re not, which is the next part of that lesson: what did the big man with the
donut bag represent?"
I thought about his near collision with Bonnie then I admitted, "It has to be about me in
some way, but I don’t know what that is."
"Put self- image in the bag; he was feeding on it to the exclusion of watching where he was
going, and stumbling through his day like you did by walking on my heel."
"I wasn’t thinking about myself. I wasn’t thinking or feeling much of anything."
"He represented the average person’s key distraction." She grabbed my hand as we stepped
back onto the grass, and began leading me toward Fa lse Creek.
Letting me go, she took a considered breath and said, "Yesterday, I told you that everything
is a reflection, and that we relentlessly summon or create these metaphors so the natures of the
events we encounter represent our purpose for being here. Later, just before our encounter with
the panhandler, I told you that your awareness was erratically at the mercy of your self- interest,
and that awareness in the Stalker’s world is to apprehend every moment in its true nature. In
other words," she exhaled deeply, "I effectively told you to pay attention to your version of here
and now—here it comes—here’s your lesson—then bam! You literally walked straight into it."
She looked down and whispered. "It was beautiful."
"And I still missed it, so why didn’t Intent shift me all the way to Place of No Pity?"
"You would have learned what is possible to perceive, but not what is required of you to
achieve that perception." She took my arm again. "You were doing well noticing things you
would not normally bother with, but you lost your sense of being no better or worse than
everything else. A short pause to congratulate yourself would have been enough."
"I didn’t do that."