Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"Because nothing comes from nothing, but what if…"
"There are no special circumstances. You can’t be a little bit pregnant, a part-time murderer,
or live in a kind of free society. You either have the right to participate and protest, or you do
not, just as the police have the responsibility to not allow vandalism—which is how they get
away with their own brutality: protesters screw up, or the police are directed to incite them so
that they can justify the suppression of the public's rights."
"No compromise anywhere?"
"Now you’re getting it!" she said, enthusiastically.
"I’ve done a comprehensive shoot on police work, and I know that it’s an incredibly hard
job on the nerves. People don’t understand their lives."
"Are you offering this as an excuse for brutality?"
"No, I’m saying that I can see why they can abuse their authority, even enjoy the release,
because they live a different world than ours. They keep us safe, but have to deal with danger
and disrespect all day."
"Meaning they are reacting to these circumstances in otherwise peaceful circumstances, like
soldiers do from the undercurrents of fear in their lives?"
"Exactly. So what are you advocating?"
"I am not advocating anything. I am explaining, and can see that you are agreeing with, how
the foggy reasoning of the average person can cause them to commit terrible acts—justifiable
acts to them—because they are focused on their conditioning, not what is in front of their eyes.
As a result, they form special cliques to separate themselves from those who haven’t walked the
walk," she said as Catherine brought us the bill.
Bonnie smiled, nodded her thanks, and continued making her point as Catherine quietly
"Initially, you lacked fear because your parents and our culture did not promote it, and as a
non-combatant you naively went off to war. O nce there, you were harshly conformed to its ways
on a scale that propelled you far beyond the cultural script that had instructed the fighters you
were with, so that you could see its stark influence without hesitation." She paused. "This will be
a dreaming lesson, by the way."
"Being propelled beyond the cultural script to see its influence?"
"You told me it was common for crews without reporters, meaning you, to do independent
interviews; what struck you the most about them?"
"The stock answers soldiers gave about why they were there; no real understanding at all."
"Exactly," Bonnie concurred. "The bottom line is that the fighters you came to know did not
see a coup of their freedoms taking place in front of their eyes. They had become just what you
saw right away, but could not fully grasp—they are not defending the gates of freedom from
foreign tyranny, they are the marauders storming foreign lands. So blinded by patriotism and
duty are they, that they’ve killed their own people to maintain the farce."
"I assume you mean the Kent State thingy—it’s making sense to me now."
"It should; it happened to you."
"I’ll take that to mean you would like an explanation?"
"It was more of a ‘what the fuck’ huh, but go ahead. Are we still aligning my behavior with
America’, or are we dealing with how I can’t see my own conformation to fear?"
"They are one and the same."
"Kent State?" I prompted her to continue.