Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"Just curious, why are you beginning with where I am?"
"You didn’t notice that we began your formal lessons the moment you stood up from the
couch—a lesson you reacted poorly to instead of embracing it as a monumental event."
"A monumental pillow?"
"Some people might think that the first formal lesson, on the first day of knowingly being
taught Spirit’s ways, was special."
"The lesson wasn’t new." I shrugged. "I was pissed at myself because of that. Anyway," I
said as the thought occurred to me, "yesterday you said my first lesson would be about how
cheap I am?"
"I said it could be, and this is probably part of it: I don’t get to choose what I teach—not the
way you think I do. So you know," she exhaled, "I have to go through yo ur lessons ahead of you,
and one of my first was to assess the moment—every moment—to see what it tells me. This
morning, your actions chose the lesson on knowing where you are."
"How do you figure that?"
"You were with a teacher of Universal knowledge, and you acted like you were in
kindergarten." Squeezing my arm, she said, "K nowing where you also are entails understanding
your overall conditioning to physical reality, and how you shaped your beliefs into a self- image
from which you draw conclusions that you call your personality." She shifted her grip to my
elbow as I mouthed, "Conditions, shape, conclude… "yup—everything you said was in English."
She looked at me quizzically.
"Your statement was complex," I said, confused that she didn’t catch my meaning.
"Be that as it may, the essence of your comment was that you didn’t grasp the relationship
between handling power, and the elements you must understand so that it doesn’t kill you.
Instead of taking this seriously, you tried to disguise your ignorance in humor." She stopped
short. "The essence of your obfuscation was an attempt to manipulate my view of your
intelligence which, again, did not take into account where you really are; or who you really are,
for that matter."
"With a teacher, and I’m a student, got it."
"This could be a very long day," she muttered. Then to me, "You must ask me questions as
soon as they come to mind. I already know that you’re a reasonable man," she said smiling.
"I suddenly have more questions," I said amiably, as Bonnie nudged us to one side to allow
a mother with a double stroller room to pass by.
"Go ahead," she said, winking at the infants.
"You said, examine events through the reasoning of the average person, and through logic."
We started walking again. "Are you saying reasoning isn’t logical?"
She looked my way, staring vacantly.
"Really," I said, ‘One second the distinction is clear to me and the next... not so much."
"Reason is a tool through which you funnel beliefs that help you develop logic."
"Is logic the Stalker’s cognition?"
"Logic is the beginning point for clearly accessing other senses—like knowing, seeing, and
controlled dreaming." She paused, formulated an analogy, and said, "You were conformed to see
this world as a solid, stable construction, when it is your perceptions that literally create this
apparently seamless physical continuity from an intricate energy illusion. In the same way, you
have shaped your beliefs into seamless assumptions from which you have drawn your
conclusions about who you think you are. These conclusions are an intricate entanglement of