Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

should act as if you don’t understand your true nature, the nature of the events you experience, or
the world et al, I was not passing judgment on your education or intelligence. I was speaking
literally." She raised her hands in a ‘this is simple’ gesture, and said, "It is reasonable people who
have taken a beautiful creation and twisted it into a place of endless wars and virulent diseases,
where the abuse of the weak and dependent has hor rified even The Creator. Can you tell me that
mankind’s reason has not run its course?"
"Are you saying everyone will go through this shi—stuff?"
"Everyone will have to face the nature of their beliefs at some point in their development.
How they choose to do this is another issue, but learning how to see, to know, and to reposition
the Assemblage Point are not mandatory lessons for graduation. These abilities are part of
becoming a teacher, and you are learning about them now because your lessons coincide with the
return of the Masters. It’s a huge advantage."
"I’m supposed to become a teacher? I thought you said…"
"Your quest is to learn the alphabet of what it takes to become a Master, in part because
these lessons will help you evolve, and because you can’t describe an emissary from here—you
have to know them from there." She cocked her head.
"Describe them? Right—I get the connection. So I’m not supposed to actually be one?"
"There is no rule about how far you can go. The emissaries will present our core human
traits," Bonnie moved us along, "and their concomitant beliefs to the world in clear terms. People
will then have to choose between working for a loving, peaceful existence of challenge and
discovery, or working for themselves and coming back into what they leave behind."
"So having a choice is the point of… of the Second Coming?" I found this difficult to say
with conviction.
"The point is to educate people so that their choices can be made from the most
advantageous position. To this end, the Second Coming is not a hundred yard dash; it is a
marathon of layering knowledge and setting the foundations for changes that are now
"How does free will jibe with the emissaries influencing people’s choices—I mean, as I see
it, their kind of influence is more like a hammer to the head?"
She stared at me.
"I’m not arguing against a universal intercession." I took a moment to formulate my
question. "Doesn’t having a huge advantage affect the rules of impeccability?"
"The rules of impeccability inhere ntly forego the concept of advantage; there is only the
most efficient application of energy. Think of it this way: there are no beginnings or endings, yet
every act is also an absolute if one’s focus specifically brackets an event, but its momentum goes
"Like a Stalker’s view on redemption… got it."
Bonnie nodded. "Everyone’s unique perception of exterior events is their reality. Then it
follows that there are endless realities, meaning there are endless events that offer infinite
"To restrict the infinite to a definitive few at a critical time when the momentum of this
shared reality is unusually fast is to force people’s movement one way or another. So the
advantage is not the emissaries’, it’s yours and everyone else’s."
Chapter 11