Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"In which case, the man who refused would not be a murderer." Noticing the trembling curl
of my lips, she said, "You bugger… you’re playing me."
"You really are psychic," I said, feeling only slightly better for not having given away how
many tries it really had taken me to arrive at the number seven.
Laughing at herself, Bonnie said, "Does that example suffice—as an assessment devoid of
"I think I’m getting a handle on logic, as well."
"As well as what?" she said seriously.
"As well as how to wind you up," I said, stepping down a tier. It did my nerves a world of
good to hear her titter; it told me that she wasn’t a full- fledged Dreamer-Stalker thingy.
Chapter 10
Translating Reality
When I came back, Catherine had cleared our plates and left a small silver tray speckled
with cello-wrapped, peppermint hard candies. There was no bill.
"A question, if I may?" I said, taking my seat.
"Shoot," Bonnie mimicked me.
"It seems that going forward isn’t such a given. I mean, you say you have to move on, and I
can see that, but you can fail. K inda harsh, if you ask me."
"Are we getting close to what you really want to ask me?"
"Sorry—inevitability seems to interfere with free will."
Sighing, she said, "You have an agreement with Intent, so the question is moot." She
grasped my hands. "Again, I strongly suggest that you don’t focus on how difficult you think
these lessons will be. So far, it’s just been words and you have a reasonable grasp on those;
there’s nothing to be afraid of."
"I’m not afraid, I just don’t get it."
"Get what?"
"What you mean by logic."
"You experienced the difference between reason and logic not two minutes ago!"
"And now I can see how your resolution was reasonable." I shrugged.
Bonnie gazed into my innocent stare with the astonished awe of an astrophysicist
discovering something denser than a black hole. Eventually taking an audible breath, she said,
"You are unable to imagine processing your daily circumsta nces through the logic of a Stalker,
as if your experience a minute ago was a reasonable oversight, and you think that hammering at
what you think you know will lead you to understanding something that lies outside of reason."
"So answering won’t help?"
"I don’t know; your interpretations are unique."
"Give it a shot," I also said tonelessly.
"Stalkers have broken their bonds to the conformities of reason. They understand, but have
no attachment to the rules the average person uses to maintain their percept ion of continuity,
because they can figuratively and literally see beyond what they were told to perceive. This
includes what lies in the gaps of reasoning and physical perception. The idea that everything is a
metaphor is a root assumption to them—they can see energy, and think in terms of essences, so
what they should believe is irrelevant. They don’t believe anything. They know or they don’t,
and they assess every event in-between the two like we did with the murder room: where are
they really, and who did what to whom." She touched the top of my hand. "When I said you