Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

less mature views includes dispensing with the need to feel anything about it. You misconstrue
aloofness with superiority unless it is warmed to suit your sense of self, and then you call it a
"To tolerate is not condescending?"
"The knowledge that I am my living challenge," she emphasized, "that my development
depends on the choices I make, and that there is nothing standing in my way except me, is
humbling by itself. I am a creator of experience, mine and others, and I am aware of it. I am also
aware that I am flawed relative to the power that I wield, so to say that we are all children with
nuclear capability is not a stretch. This is why we are not alone; our source souls guide us, but
they force nothing on us even though we are like ants to them, yet they love us without
conditions. That is the essence of humbling; to either condescend or bow to anyone is
ridiculous." She sipped her water, then said, "The bottom line is that people of power have no
choice but to learn. That is the rule, because standing still is intolerable. It follows that change is
a requirement of gaining knowledge, not a consequence of it, and it has nothing to do with whom
they are standing."
"No exceptions to the requirement?"
"Are you asking me if there is an off- ramp?"
"Sorry—I mean what about me?"
"What about popcorn?"
"No… you’re teaching me about self-stalking. How did I bypass the Hunter stage?"
"You lived thirty-five years of it!" she exclaimed. "Now we’re assessing the beliefs you
gathered by stalking them into view."
"That's a warrior's phase."
"O h—hmm; it just flows from one category to another—there isn’t a break?"
Laughing, Bonnie said, "Your knowledge won’t allow it whether you consciously pursue
the Warrior’s path or not. Try holding your breath."
"Okay so how’s a person supposed to get by socially, if they’re essentially bored with
"They don’t care about socializing, but when they have to interact they use a stalking art
called Controlled Folly. It has specific rules, but explaining those now would sound like they’re
masters of deceit."
Unable to let the idea go, I said, "Just to be clear, emissaries can see through everything a
person does?"
"It’s not that they can do this, they can’t help but do it."
"Okay so when they talk to an average person, it would be like a tiger playing with a
mouse—now that you’ve mentioned deception."
"It’s the other way around. As you well know, the average person is inherently self-
deceiving, but unaware of it." She cleared her throat. "Little of what a Stalker says is what it
seems, because the average person interprets everything according to reasoned assumptions
filtered through their self- image. The Stalker needs neither of these to speak with another
Stalker, but they have to use the average person’s assumptions to appear to be communicating
with them."
"When they’re not?"
"I told you, they’ve transcended that phase; maybe you would understand this better if I put
it in your terms." She shifted her fork on her plate to one side, and set it down. Leaning slightly