Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"Exactly my point… Stalkers," she continued without hesitation, "relentlessly make
connections to these personality categories, and practiced flaws, until they know themselves
thoroughly. From here, they can learn to know the rest."
"The rest of what?"
She inhaled patiently, a signal I interpreted to mean that had I been paying attention her
explanation would not be necessary.
"We all begin as hunters of the truth, as we know it. Think of it in terms of a child asking,
‘Why I am here?’ as everyone does sometime during their lives, but they can’t become a
Hunter—capitol H—until they understand the landscape in which their prey resides."
"Part of that landscape being the elements of personal and social confusion?"
"Yes." She grinned at my simultaneous effort to make connections and amends. "The
landscape of a Hunter is the reasonable world, and their prey is the detrimental beliefs they have
embraced from that world. When they accept that these beliefs are forerunners to logic, they can
become Warriors stalking the behavioral flaws their beliefs created. When they have subdued
these behaviors, they have slain their concomitant beliefs, and their personal landscape is clear.
From here, they can know. To answer your question, the rest of it is to understand human
behavior to perfection."
"I don’t see how, when…"
"Don’t bother arguing for the uniqueness of our individuality, again. In terms of this
physical school of development," she said, with a wave o f her arm, "we all have to learn the
same core ideas."
"Force of habit… sorry."
"Think about it," she said less casually than a rhetorical remark would be delivered, "if all of
your decisions have been shaped by global assumptions encapsulated in core perceptions, why
can’t Stalkers know what you are like when they are standing outside of these illusions looking
"That makes sense, but let me catch up. If I heard you right…"
"By which you mean correctly, or left?"
"Sorry, if I heard you correctly, by de finition the average person does not know they live in
a world of limited and manipulated perceptions, from which they have reasoned their beliefs to
fit into what is essentially an irrational circumstance… speaking about now, that is?"
"It wasn’t always that way, but you are correct."
"So," I hesitated, "realizing just this much—to hunt down crappy beliefs," I said, framing
my query awkwardly, "would be a huge accomplishment."
"It is."
"Then becoming a Warrior would be friggin huge."
"It is."
"So becoming a Stalker is…" I stalled.
"So huge that it requires the overt involvement of Intent."
"And Stalkers can do these magical things because they’ve left their ego behind, or their
"You’ve been relentlessly trained to tell your ego what to do, so that it supports your reason,
but the ego doesn’t need your direction. It knows its purpose perfectly well, which means
teachers have to train their students to stop talking to it, while cajoling their reason to stretch
toward logic. Stalkers have achieved both."