Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"Still hanging on."
"The first of these steps is to recognize reason as a tool that uses beliefs as a guide, but you
can’t fully employ this recognition until you have energetically seen, or assessed a circumstance
from outside the grasp of reason. As we just talked about, think of this experience as blazing a
path to clarity that you will never forget, so my goal is to lead you to having this experience
because this point of clarity cannot be reasoned, nor reasonably explained."
"Why not?"
"It employs your inner senses. In fact, the less reason you have in play the better you will be
able to utilize these senses. This means we first need to cleanse your reasoning of polluting
influences, so that you can recognize the path to understanding the logic of energy—of
impeccable acts. Let’s get going," said, ending her introduction.
"Simple overview..." I muttered as we stood to leave.
Bonnie tittered until we reached the cash register, where she formally said, "I will list the
elements of the assumption we’re after through the two cognitions as best I can. These are the
"As best you can?" I said, handing the waitress a twenty-dollar bill.
"Again, some of the elements don’t translate while others may only appear to have a
relevant conversion. As I was saying, the two cognitions are the reasoning of the average person,
and the logic of a Stalker. Don’t be concerned about memorizing the elements."
"Things will fall into place?" I interjected.
"Things are already in place; they’re just not here. They’re over there," she said, pointing
imprecisely toward Stanley Park, across the inlet. "You have to cross the bridge of reason to
understand what is awaiting everyone who makes that trek."
"Uh huh," I said, as the puzzled cashier handed me a fiver, three one dollar coins, two
quarters, and a nickel. I put a dollar in the tip jar.
"So what’s the assumption specifically about?"
"That’s for you to discover, like you did with the entitlement lesson," she said, taking two
quick steps to hold the door open for me, "but nice try."
"Thanks," I mumbled, passing by to the outside. "Where we going now?"
"We go big road to many square huts," she deadpanned.
"Sorry, where are we going now?"
Coming along side me, she said, "A walk along the Denman Street shops, then into the park
should work for us today. We’ll see." Bonnie looped her arm through mine, looking up at the
ragged edge of clouds creeping over the western horizon of Vancouver Island.
"Are you ready?" she said, looking my way.
"Go for it."
"All of this training is designed to make you ready to access true power. This power is
knowledge of energy you cannot handle in any other way but impeccably, otherwise it might kill
you. That wouldn’t be helpful."
"I can see that."
"Handling power properly is not something that can be reasoned; it can only be understood
after you understand who, what, and where you really are. Right now, you reason who you think
you are, so we have to neuter your personality’s influence and redefine yourself—what you
are—according to energetic rules. Where you really are is what we will discuss today. Without
these understandings, handling the knowledge of true power is akin to a child playing with
matches in a dynamite factory." She took a deep breath.