Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

birth and death. As others become aware that this cycle is an inseparable, sacred aspect of the
physical journey, they will have a context within which to view the deaths associated with the
earth’s end-time cleansing as well."
"I can see that intellectually, but how is working a famine different fro m working a war?"
"Think in terms of contributing to the nature of the act: in a famine, official observers and
bystanders have the option of alleviating suffering in an event that has reached its final
manifestation. Inserting your positive influence does not create more suffering; there is no onus
attached to it. It is not as if participants would want to make life or death stands for the right to
starve. Correct?"
"No shit."
"As I said, those gruesome events also provided millions of people with the opportunity to
choose to help those who would never again behave in ways that would lead to them to starving
to death. What’s the puzzled look about?"
"I’m trying to wrap my mind around letting it all go to hell. I mean, dictators would be
popping up everywhere if they thought there was no form of global peacekeeping to keep them
in check."
"It’s the other way around: if you want to see rights and freedoms blossom, allow genocides
to run their course and populations around the world would know better than to allow the power
mongers and the corrupted to lead them."
"Because it would be covered by the media?" I raised my brow.
"Unsanitized coverage—we’ll get to that."
"Still," I said stoically.
She clasped her hands. "I can’t go further with this today. Explaining the right thing to do
isn’t something I can spoon- feed to your reason, and as I said, your day is going to be difficult
enough. Can we go back to the constructs of personality?"
"Fair enough," I relented.
"Where were we?" she grinned.
"Jesus, how do you expect…?"
"It was your insistence that stopped the flow of the lesson. Deal with it."
Taking a considered breath, I said, "If I have this right, my sense of self- importance has me
think I’m unpredictable, if not unfathomable, but in terms of my overall conformation to the
world and behavioral evolution I’m old news?"
"There are three kinds of average people, as defined by those who are unaware that the only
battle worth fighting is with themselves?"
"And these are?"
"The perfect secretary is sweet, but useless without direction. The petty egocentric has to be
the center of attention, and would kill for power, and the dreamer is always waiting for
something so they’re not reliable."
"Very good."
"Which one am I?"
"Can you operate without direction?"
"I usually resent it."
"Do you talk about things, but not do anything about it?"
"You know I don’t." The opposite was the case; I did things and talked about them