Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"Someone goes out of order, because they either don’t see how discretion and law can be in
the same sentence, or they can’t figure out their left from their right. Then there’s the one who
waves a car through ahead of their own rightful turn, because it adds to the confusion of who
goes next."
"In what way?" she said.
"Did the waver give up his turn, thinking he should go next, or did he relegate himself to the
last person to go through?"
Nodding, Bonnie said, "In the context of this arena, doing nothing is the impeccable
"Going last?"
"Your reason says you are going last, but logically you are making the best decision you can
make in a muddled circumstance." Into my puzzled expression, she said, "Your intention is to get
from point A to point B. Does a fender-bender help you do that? No," she carried on. "So why
not wave everyone through with a smile and a shrug, and achieve your goal without risk at the
cost of thirty-seconds of doing nothing?"
"Doing the right-thing for the right reason is the most efficient use of energy?"
"Yes, but there is more to it."
"I’m shocked."
"Describing this presents a problem," Bonnie chuckled, "because I’m speaking about the
momentum of energy while addressing the limited vision of your reason." She sipped her wine
and said, "But I’ll give it a shot." She set her glass aside.
"The driver who gave up his legal and expected turn was thinking only about his wonderful
self, not the potential consequences of his actions. The energetic overview considers that the
essence of an act will always enhance a similar continuity of events."
"Which was what?"
"His apparent kindness to one driver carelessly disregarded his true circumstance; this was
the arena of legal, standardized procedures that create safe and reasonable expectations for
everyone. Doing nothing takes that altered situation into account, and does not add to the
"It would piss off the guy behind me."
"How does that affect your safety, or his, for that matter?"
"Okay—right so the energetic overview would be that the good guy encouraged other
drivers to be careless?"
"Which would be their choice, of course, but we’re not talking about cause and effect in the
arena of reason or discretion. We’re talking about expending energy properly, which will always
equate to efficiency and safety."
I nodded my understanding of her energetic overview, so far.
"Now take the essence of an act further." Gathering her thoughts, Bonnie raised a finger to
signal there was a preamble to her explanation. "The human form is a literal translation of our
Spirit’s purpose for a given lifetime. By practicality and design we cannot recall all that we
really are or know, but knowledge of our purpose is literally designed into us. This includes the
personality that best suits our challenges, which means the beliefs that we will embrace based on
our conformation to a time, place, and our parents’ influences are highly predictable. Moreover,
we constantly revisit our choices under guidance in the dream state. We’ll talk about this in
depth," she said, motioning this topic gently aside as if sliding something delicate out of reach of
a child.