Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

energy. Seemingly pleased with my review, Bonnie said, "Now that everything is fresh and
condensed, and you’ve begun to arrange what you know so that it’s at your finger tips, I’m
"I have?" I joked... kind of.
"Never forget this: we cannot help but order information, or our lives for that matter, to suit
the way we think."
"Locked in," I said, pointing to my temple.
"In this phase of your training, I’m going to help you reorder how you think, to build toward
a Stalker’s assumption in the same way we expanded the word entitlement into an assumption—
not head on, but through application. That’s how we learn anything worthwhile. Do you agree?"
"I do."
Bonnie sipped the last of her tea, patted her lips with a paper napkin, and put it under her
cup. While she was reaching for her purse, I said, "I’ve got it this time."
"Thanks." She sat upright, and cupped her hands on the table. "We’ll begin building this
assumption with a simple overview of your potential cycle of physical life development this time
around, and of everyone’s eventual journey."
I made myself comfortable.
"In our native state, we are conscious energy that chooses everything about our path of
development, because free will reigns supreme. But we are not all-knowing, so we have to learn
the energy-based rules of whatever version of reality we’re in, from those who have been there
before us. This applies whether we are in our energetic dream state, or in a physical reality. So
"So good."
She nodded. "Everything in physical reality is a manifestation of energy vibrating at what
we perceive to be physical matter: our literal translations of events are actually metaphors for
what we have created, and the lessons we need to learn. Hold that thought, as well. Your entire
Identity, with a capital ‘I’," she continued, "has chosen a cycle of physically based lessons. In
this particular incarnation, you are the student learning on Phillip’s behalf, and yours: he has
designed a lesson-quest to which you agreed, but you could not know what it is while you were
in it. This is no different from anyone else who comes here. More over… and this is the crux of
the matter, the energy-essence that is Phillip vibrates extremely fast, because he has attained a
high level of knowledge. Physical reality vibrates very slowly, which means his knowledge, in
its purest form, cannot manifest with you consciously. Instead, you possess the physical
translations of his knowledge—their metaphors being your senses, like intuition and conscience,
which attach you to his knowledge of what is possible, and how things should be done."
"Still with you... but slipping."
"The goal in everyone’s development is to learn what they need to know about traveling in
any reality: in your energetic state, this is to use pure logic to navigate through other’s
environments and experiences while recognizing the sacredness of all things. In our physical
state, this translates into learning how to assume total responsibility for our acts. This assessment
is based on our ability to reason, until we have gathered the energy to transcend the need for
reason, and we enter the realm of logical assessment. It follows that the goal of physically based
incarnations is to increase our speed, by gaining knowledge, thereby learning how to translate
our reasoned physical experiences into knowledge that applies in our energetic existence. In
other words, this process takes us from mankind’s reasoning, to spirit’s pure logic, after passing
through a number of steps."