Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

Catching up to Bonnie, she glanced at me curiously—I understood that she wanted me to
take note of something, as we walked silently downhill under the canopy of broad leafed trees
that lined the street of apartment buildings.
After a short while, Bonnie said, "According to Stalkers, the most import lesson a human
can learn is to embrace the concept of the Minimal Chance. To do this, and I mean w ith you right
now, you must act as if every moment is an offer to be evaluated in the terms we’ve been
discussing: where you really are and what’s really going on." She walked a few more paces,
looked back at her car, then straight ahead. Formally she said, "Teaching the Minimal Chance is
to make the apprentice aware that they have a connection to an energy-essence some call Spirit,
their Source Soul, or Higher Self. Because the abstract should not be limited to common
descriptions, I will also call this energy-essence Intent, and when we talk about its greater reality
we’ll simply call that the Universe."
"Works for me, except I already know that Intent exists. Hang on," I said slowing, because I
was feeling light- headed.
Looking at me in an approving manner, she tugged on my sleeve and said, "It’ll pass," as we
reached Denman Street. Automatically, I tried to veer left toward the park.
Pulling me back toward the shopping area, she said, "I didn’t say exists. I said have a
connection with, and constant awareness of that connection is the Minimal Chance."
"Why is it difficult to be aware of—you just told me?"
"Awareness to the average person is to be cognizant, but their focus is erratically at the
mercy of their self- interest; this is what will screw you until you catch on. Awareness in the
Stalker’s world is to apprehend every moment in its true nature, especially as opportunities arise
such as the Universe making a gesture to them. If you had thought to assess our morning’s
events, you might have seen that we began with the pillow lesson, then we reviewed your
personal lessons by categories based on Castaneda’s and Lynn Andrews experiences. As we
drove here, you filled out these categories with a recapitulation of our class lessons. When we
parked, you were focused elsewhere and I literally left you behind. When I prompted you to
think about something you had missed, you didn’t see what was going on in front of your eyes.
Are you with me now?"
"I am."
"In terms of essential events, we have done a comprehensive review to position you to
encounter a Minimal Chance event. That’s the lesson I recognized unfolding, and I’m telling you
about it because you’re new to consciously employing heightened awareness. That’s what you’re
feeling again."
"I’m not controlling it."
"You have recognized its occurrence. Now you can more easily choose to focus on the
nature of what is going on around you—to observe, as opposed to becoming involved."
"Understood." And I did.
"At this point in your progression, recognition of a Minima l Chance rests on what Stalkers
call the most critical piece of knowledge available to mankind. There is…"
"Hang on, the conditional death-thing is the most important achievement, the chance thingy
is the most important lesson, and now the most critical piece of knowledge?"
"Really—having just spoken about memorizing events?" she chastised me.
"How else will I learn?"
"You will recollect all of this when it’s time, but I suggest that you don’t use ‘thingy’ as a
reference point."