Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

philosophy of greed, to attain everything within their grasp. They subsequently connive and
cheat to attain anything they believe they 'must have' in order to fit in.
"To these powers, this was a harnessing of a massive energy force that could be manipulated
at will, with little triggers created of fear and suspicion. This is how your kind has risen and
fallen many times. She faced Meaghan. "The Masters, and those among their children who are
ready, are returning to your reality for the express purpose of refining these skills at a time when
they are needed most. Be advised," she said, pausing briefly on every face as she spoke, "the
depth perception they practice is a precise discipline: they will know where they are, and their
every act will be a direct translation of the knowledge they hold sacred. As such, their actions
may not reflect your visions of what you term the Second Coming reformation, for they know
what you do not—what mankind is really like, and they will deal with you accordingly."
"Meaning they aren’t what—angelic?" Rachel said.
"Meaning they represent our purpose through love as we know it, not as you understand it."
"Hard ball," I said, facing Rachel.
"What happens to people who can see the possibility of things falling apart in our world, but
they can’t accept that your emissaries are here, or you’re talking to us for that matter?" Josh said.
"Give us a moment." Bonnie lowered her head and twisted her neck as though to relieve a
kink. K ha- lib had returned.
"The pattern of our presence in your part of the world can be found in the writings we have
discussed, and some to soon come. Those who are ready will read these works, or have been
oriented to the inevitability of our arrival."
"Are all channeled books really channeled?" Rachel said.
"There have always been charlatans," K ha- lib said, then he listed the errors that give
pretenders away. These included preaching any form of violence to resolve any problem,
practicing revenge under any banner, and taking advantage of the unprepared or weary through
fear; from contractors telling the elderly they need home improvements, to preachers charging
for salvation—a point he clarified about psychics.
He said, "There is nothing wrong with charging money for a psychic reading, for even a
mystic must eat. There is also nothing wrong with gathering large sums of money, for this is the
energy your reality uses to bring about change. In time, our representatives will gather vast sums
to do their work."
"Is that how we can tell if people are really with you?" Josh said.
"It is not. An entity recently left a legitimate channel, because she fell prey to the apparent
power she had over others, and charged them exorbitantly without true teaching or giving back.
Now she is faking. When the entity returns, they will impart a grand lesson and she will become
a supporter of our work."
"Who is it?" Meaghan said naively.
Much to our surprise, Kha- lib named the faker.
"It seems counterproductive to have a fraud speaking for you in the first place?" I said. "You
must have known what was going to happen?"
"At other levels of awareness, frauds and their followers know they are experiencing both
sides of the coin of betrayal for their own development."
"Betrayal develops suspicion. How is that helpful?"
"You have all been betrayer and betrayed. For some," he sa id looking from me to Josh to
Georgio, "this has happened many times because you admired the fleeting rewards of selfishness.
Consistent with this," he said, as Georgio became absorbed by a hole in the heel of his sock,