Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"Your century is rife with individuals who have returned to heighten hope and open the door
to embracing the influences of their dreams. Those who are attracted to these people are ready
for the messages they offer. Those who are not, either do not need these messages, or would not
accept them."
"Not need them?" Josh said.
"There are many kind people in your world doing what they came to do."
"Kind?" Elani said, dubiously. "That’s the proper way to live?"
"There is more to kindness than your world understands: at many points, all of you have not
known better, and with the best of intentions contributed to the demise of a developing
Rachel developed a keen interest in the weave of Bonnie’s carpet, as K ha- lib continued,
"There are many others among you who have come back to aid in mass changes."
"Come back from the time of Christ?" Meaghan said, taking the focus off her friend.
"Don’t they need these lessons too? I mean, they won’t remember them, will they?" Rachel
said. Looking at Bonnie strangely, she added, "What were their lessons, anyway?"
"In your terms, our emissaries will need reminders of the core lessons they developed both
before, and at the time of your Christ figure. However, memory as you think of it is not in play
when they deal directly with their Source." He faced Meaghan and said, "Give us a moment."
Bonnie sat passively for about ten seconds before the airy, but formal voice of Saa-ra took
"The returning Masters and their students comprise one mass consciousness, mystically
focused, forming one family from one level of evolution and experience. They have evolved
cultures in a cycle of events and conditions, ever changing and ever challenging, for millions of
years. They did not appear based on the theoretical evaluations of a superior intelligence, or by
the whim of eternal chance. Evolution, as you know it, was learned even by All That Is.
"In your time," she looked around the room as this boggling idea settled in, "this cycle of
events is described as reincarnation, which is not quite accurate. However, this concept allowed
our students to see their lives in a larger way, and aided them in understanding their grander
relationship in and to an ever-evolving universe." She paused, her gaze on Meaghan.
"This family of Masters has been known in many times, by many names. At the time of your
Christ figure," she looked away from Meaghan, "which in your time-oriented terms would be
their fourth mass intercession into mankind’s ways, they were the Essenes."
Bonnie closed her eyes.
"Their Prophets," Saa-ra said at a slower pace, "spoke of the arrival of K ha-li’s portion, or
son, and members of his family. All of them were channels to the realm of creation, and as
Masters of the balances of life, art, science, and the humanities, they considered themselves the
eternal, willing, and passionate students of knowledge." She faced Elani. "The Masters
developed lessons designed to hold each individual completely responsible for his or her own
behavior. Judgment or prejudice against others due to race, age, gender, or social condition was
tantamount to declaring war on yourself and your family, since whatever it was that you gave to
the world bore the vibratory signature of its originators and pa rticipants. Catalytically, this
momentum sought out its source to complete the cycle of events."
"Are you talking about Karma?" Elani said.
"In terms of experiencing the underlying nature of what you do, we are. But there is no
judgment attached to the momentum of your evolutionary development by any source other than
that which you program into your personal choices." She faced me. "It followed that to seed the