Stalking Vol 2 The Bridge of Reason HTML version

"Essentially," Elani ventured cautiously, "we are in a school of one-way mirrors that grants
a Master’s Degree in how to live properly when we find our way to the other side of the glass
and see ourselves? I mean, what we actually do here doesn’t matter. It’s how we do it?"
"What you do matters to all that you influence, everywhere, all of the time, to a degree that
would astonish you, hence learning responsibility is paramount to moving on." He faced
Meaghan again. "You are now, and have always been, apprenticing in personal development."
He scanned our faces. "The degree to which you experience core lessons in a given lifetime is
determined by the momentum generated by your beliefs, emotions, and subsequent actions.
However, formal apprentices in the throes of learning personal power directly from their Source
are also subject to the momentum of their Source’s intentions. It is therefore essential that they
learn how to distinguish where, when, and why they can insert their influences upon an event. If
they were a blank canvas of raw energy, their potential for destruction would equal their
potential for creation, both of which are beyond description."
Clearing her throat, Meaghan said, "You’re saying I haven’t learned enough for my Source
to take me on directly?"
"The issue is energy; an apprentice must have enough energy to confront the certain death of
who they think they are, or their training must end."
"If it’s certain," Elani said, "what’s the problem?"
"While the death of their illusions is certain, their reaction to the impending death of who
they think they are is not knowable. Free will prevails, and we have learned that your kind needs
every opportunity to embrace the truth before you make the final leap. The preparatory phase of
many lifetimes before meeting a teacher must also have accomplished precise goals to ensure the
candidate’s massive evolutionary energy is not misdirected."
"What truth is that?"
"The truth of which we speak is but a fragment of the whole; this lies beyond description."
"If you are so wise, why can’t you explain it?"
"Your ability to comprehend is not equal to the challenge."
"Why not just teach the people who want to be taught?" Josh said, moving us along.
"There’s one on Denman at West Georgia," Elani quipped too lightly.
The group chuckled: an ancient Volkswagen van plastered with a Day-Glow placard that
read, ‘The end is near—Jesus is the answer,’ was a summer landmark.
"Volunteers do not come to their convictions from experiences properly assessed. They
adopt and abandon ideals in favor of better ones, better being self-defined as beliefs more
agreeable to their unrealized persona l agendas. These teachings are the most personally
disagreeable you will ever encounter, because the goal is to eliminate the idea of self from your
"Not to be difficult," Elani said, being difficult, "but we have to volunteer to follow
Bonnie’s advice."
"At this point, you are a follower only in so far as learning is a matter of faith, as it is for
everyone: you volunteer only your faith, which is easily withdrawn and turned to confrontation.
In conjunction with a learning stage in which students believe they are their teacher’s equal,
following a personal agenda of which they are unaware would be harmful to them, and possibly
to the teacher."
"If they’re not equal, what’s the problem?" Josh said.
"Not equal does not mean weak."
"What happens to people who don’t know about you?" Elani said.